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It’s an Anniversary!!! A Milestone – something to be excited about!

We started the Mentor’s Quarterly as a fun project.   It is now called SAPMQ.  Of course, it is SAP everything must have an acronym.   Otto Gold is our fearless editor.  Matthias Steiner and Tammy Powlas are our grammar, spelling, and just general article checkers.  Me – I try to write some blogs, and read some of the articles before the SAPMQ is published.  I am the least important in the group!

Rant 1

Rant – ranting here now.  I have to – it’s in the ranting category.  COMMENTS!!!  There are limited comments to this article – SAPMQ.   It’s awful, it’s horrible.  It’s sad.  It’s non-SCN like.  Oh – I’ve read other articles.  It’s normal!  No way I think.  There are so many good articles out there.  Written by you and me.  When?  On our spare time.  It’s not our job.  We just do it.   For many many reasons.  The biggest is that it is fun, and we hope someone reads it.

This magazine is near and dear to our hearts.  However, we have no idea how / if you like it.  Please, please, pretty please leave comments on the article page.   It helps us.  It gives us encouragement.  It is just a VERY nice thing to do.  And hey, it’s around the holidays.  Take those two seconds to comment.  And while I’m on the subject, and on the big black soap box – please leave comments for all the articles you read.  Good, bad, ugly…  The authors would LOVE them.

Next rant

Categories.  I’ve been blasted about posting this in the wrong category.  And so I ask you what category would you put it in?  It covers many things with many different interesting articles from different categories!!!!!!  I know some people subscribe to categories, and think this doesn’t fit.  Give me a good reason it doesn’t, and I’ll change the category.

OK – done ranting…

This is the fourth quarter SAPMQ.  It is also the second time we have published a fourth quarter.  Quite a milestone for our group!  And so without further delay some highlights:

  • Inside Track India
  • Mentors’ Mentor
  • 2011: the year we made contact 
  • SAP_WIT 
  • Hunting for Better Processes
  • Development byDesign

And more MORE MORE – read and you’ll see.  (Including some great cartoons by Blag!)

I hope you enjoy the SAPMQ as much as we did.  We welcome your comments!  Please leave them under the article.  And rate it.  We would really like that.

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