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Information Steward – another gem of EIM portfolio

I have understood that SAP is always ahead on the solutions through which an organization can manage & maintain their most reliable asset and that is “Information”. In today’s environment where things are becoming more users friendly and becoming more easy to navigate, companies are also looking forward for the same to implementing on their landscape, moreover it can also beneficial for their business users. They need something which their business users can handle in more effective way.

Information or data by being most important asset of a firm requires analyzing its quality before, after and during any data operation and data stewards are the people those who look after their particular process area for any data object. I recently got to know about SAP business object information steward application can help doing that. This comes under the SAP’s enterprise information management solution portfolio. I was fortunate enough to go navigate through it. Here I could collect some of the silent features of it.

Information Stewards is an application

  • Provides the kind of environment in which business users can collaborate with IT folks regarding data issues.
  • This provides you the consistent way to measure the quality of data. You can do trend analysis as well for any key data domain.
  • This is a web based tool or application which contains very beautiful navigation capabilities as well. Most of the end results are in nice pictorial graphical views, very soothing off course.
  • Different modules of it provide you capabilities of analyze and monitor the quality of data and you can also profile the data on various factors as uniqueness etc.
  • Here there is one module of IS (information steward) via we can define some business terms and also can connect them to actual information

There is a lot of information available on SAP BO Information Steward can be found here at the link. Here below I am also inserting a snap of this application


As a result Information Steward is a set of simple dashboards and also shows the data quality metrics. The dashboards also provide warnings if data quality levels decline below preset levels, it gives users a chance to address problems before they make decisions based on bad data.

More importantly, these dashboards present an opportunity to have the business and IT together on what are acceptable quality levels. Good part is instead of blaming each other for the bad data, they’ll be able to view the same data set to resolve any issues.

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