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Extension Index in SPDD

An extension indexes is an additional index for a table in a system other than the original system of the table. When an extension index is created, the relevant table remains unchanged. An extension index is an enhancement of the standard. Extension indexes are automatically copied over during upgrades and modification adjustment should not take place for extension index.

But sometimes we find that “extension index” is listed in SPDD with yellow traffic light under [Without Modification Assistant]/[ Database Tables] during upgrade (or EHP installation).


For example, index “A112  Z01” is displayed in SPDD list in shadow instance as below:

extension index


The entry in table TADIR in original instance also shows that an extension index “A112   Z01” existed before upgrade (or EHP installation):




|R3TR |TABL     |A112       |                 |SAP           |SAP      |R          |PCAL       |

|R3TR |XINX     |A112 Z01 |                 |Y56           |JULIA    |            |Z001       |


(XINX means “extension index”)


The index “A112   Z01” in SPDD is a reference to the regular index, not the extension index. It happens that the regular index for a SAP table was created before, then later on it was deleted and an extension index with the same name was created.

This problem is caused by program bug.  When the original index was deleted, the corresponding modification information was not deleted together. During system upgrade (or EHP installation) report SAPRUPGM was called to determine the adjustment mode for all affected modifications, and it failed to determine the non-existing regular index A112-Z01 as “deleted object”.

If the problem already happened during SPDD adjustment, the solution is to just reset the index to original.

To prevent the problem from happening in future, please implement note 1658376 or import the corresponding Support Package.

By implementing note 1658376, the functions to delete an index also change. If you delete a regular index like Y* or Z* via T-cd: SE11, the related modification information will be deleted as well. Then this regular index will not display in SPDD list any more. 

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