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Travel Management: Retrieving deleted credit card load for an accounting run number

Recently I come accross a scenario whereby credit card accounting run number was accidently deleted. By the time we know about, its already late to reload the transactions, as many of the transactions were already assigned to trips and moreover adding to our woes initial FI posting for settlement with credit card company was also complete. The issue which arrises was reconciliation report via accounting run number as the transaction are not visible via PRCCD.

This blog provides a workaround solution to retrieve deleted credit card transactions.

The scenario

Credit card load is complete in SAP travel, some of the users have already assigned credit card items to trips and then some error is found in the downstream or something wrong happens leading us to delete the load.

SAP provides two options to delete the load (and that too before the credit items assignments to trips) via report “RPTTUW02” and “RPTTCLTA”.

If the cluster is deleted for each line item loaded from credit card load then the data can be reloaded again via PRCC, however if the data is deleted by accounting run id, only run id tracking get lost however the line items data still remains in the cluster and can be accessed via individual employee data from TC cluster transaction PRTC.

The document describes how to retrieve the data in second case, without affecting the existing credit card load and assigned credit card transactions to trips.

Preparing a sample load file

Pick up any employee for the credit card load, employee number can be found from the original credit card file or from table “PTRV_CCC_RUNS”. Try to pick up an employee having minimal number of credit card items, just to stay on safer side.

Check if this employee has already assigned credit card items to trips or not, this can be either checked by checking via transaction PR05 for assignment or via FM: PTRM_UTIL_IMPORT_TC_CLUSTER. If the items are already assigned, remember to delete them, loaded transaction, once our task is done.

Pick the original credit card file and create a sub file from it, by keeping only the items belonging to the employee we have selected. Don’t forget to maintain the total of amount and line items count in the sub file.

Interface description for credit card file can be found here.

Upload sample file

Now the test file has been generated, so we are ready to go. Run transaction PRCC and load the newly created credit card file. This will upload the file to SAP cluster PCL1 under the same accounting run as was deleted earlier.

Note that we have only uploaded data for one employee not all, as contained in original file.

Clearing any residual items

Now its time to clear any duplicate items for loaded employee. If the employee we selected had not assigned the credit card items to trips then nothing would get duplicated, but if the items were already assigned then the items will move to INBEL cluster and it gets duplicated in CCBEL cluster after our load.

Run the report (You may need to run the customer version, by creating a copy of report, or use breakpoint to avoid exit in the report) RPTTUW02 to delete individual line items for the employee.


Now our all the items loaded at first place are again intact with the accounting run id, you can go to transaction PRCCD to view all the credit card load for this accounting run id.

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