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Mobile BI – quickly create some eye-candy

I must say that I had different plans for this blog. I wanted to show you how the new Mobile BI OnDemand solution would work, but unfortunately I did not notice the following after uploading my Web Intelligence document to the web:


You can use your Web Intelligence XI 3.1 Rich Client


Now I have a tendency of being a little stubborn, so I tested with a Web Intelligence document created in 4.0:

Ok, clear. BOBJ 4.0 is not supported yet.


So how do I help my my customers by creating some mobile content for them in an Agile way? I use what I have available:

  1. A BOBJ 4.0 system
  2. A windows 7 laptop with a Lan connection

Set up the BOBJ environment

In order to use Mobile BI I have some work to do on the server, but this is relatively simple compared to previous versions of BOBJ mobile. Just follow these steps:


  1. Stop Tomcat Web application server.
  2. Copy the file, mobilebiservice.war from the SAP BusinessObject Enterprise to [Tomcat home directory]\webapps: For SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.0 SP02: [Install directory]\Mobile 14\Client12.0\java\applications
  3. Start Tomcat.


After this create a Web Intelligence document and be sure to assign it to category “Mobile”. This is a default category, create it if not available. After this download the Mobile BI app from the Appstore on your iPad and install it. Nice, we are almost there!

Connect to the iPad

So how do I connect the iPad to BOBJ without having the full infrastructure in place including Reverses proxies and what not, simple, create a virtual connection as supported in Windows 7. A great way of doing this is using software like “Connectify” or “Virtual Router”. Google it and install. This will create a hotspot out of your Lan connection so that you can connect the iPad to it.


After installing and running Connectify, make the connection on your iPad. As an example my setup:


And the result some great looking content in a flash (without flash that is ;-).


Thanks for reading this blog and stay in touch!


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