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Michal’s PI tips: ActiveMQ – JMS – topics with SAP PI 7.3

In my previous article PI/XI: ActiveMQ – free but yet powerful JMS provider I’ve presented how to set up communication between SAP PI and ActiveMQ JMS server with the use of queues. As of SAP PI 7.3 we have a possibility to use not only queues but also topics. For a whole list of new SAP PI 7.3 features please have a look at this presentation: What Are the New Service Bus-Based Capabilities with SAP NetWeaver PI.
If you want to find out more about differencies between topics and queues please have a look at those short definitions – How does a Queue compare to a Topic.

Setting up ActiveMQ communication

In order to set up ActiveMQ communication you need to do two things:

Step 1

Make sure you need to enable Topic support in the communication channel

Step 2

The configuration for ActiveMQ topic support is a little bit different then the one presented in my previous article and requires specifing at least the clientID for the connection factory implementation as per screenshot below:

You can also specify some additional parameters if necessary (for creating durable topics for example). Now that everything is set up completely you should be able to see a new consumer on the topic on your JMS server.

Important thing:

One more important thing you need to remember while using topics with ActiveMQ is that you cannot browse topics as you could with queues as per Can you browse a topic.

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  • Michal,
    Did you try to use the Built in JMS Server Provider capabilities of PI 7.3 as described in Bill’s Blog?
    How to use SAP’s WebAS J2EE’s JMS Queue in Exchange Infrastructure

    I had the chance to explore this feature couple of weeks ago ( using SAP’s JMS Provider ) and I was impressed. Finally, PI seems to provide a complete Messaging Layer with options to provide for both durable and non durable subscribers. In case you haven’t it would be worth exploring and seeing how the Subscribers get created for each JMS Sender channel etc.

    With this feature I see a future where we will have federated XI Landscapes ( J2EE Installation Only) using PI JMS Topics to talk to each other rather than using the Classical XI Adapter. The options and possibilities are amazing and this will be a space to watch out for!

    • Hi Bhavesh,

      >>>Did you try to use the Built in JMS Server Provider capabilities of PI 7.3 as described in Bill’s Blog?

      sure I have but a system with zero monitoring for queues does not work well with clients and ActiveMQ is simple&powerfull and free 🙂

      Michal Krawczyk