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Accessing SAP BAPI function from BO Data Services

Technology: Business Objects Data Services, Version 3.1


This blog will guide you how to insert data into SAP Bank Master using BO Data services using a BAPI function call.

First  , we shall create a tab delimited text file containing details for the  Banks to be created. It must contain the columns that are mandatory for  creation  of bank, along with any other optional columns.

In the BODS designer you need to create a “File Format” that will have  columns corresponding to the data in the tab delimited file. It is  mapped to tab delimited text file BAPI_TEST.txt located in “C:\”

File Format

The “File Format” FF_BAPI_TEST acts as input for the “Query Transform” BAPI_TEST.

When you double click on the “Query Transform” BAPI_TEST, you can see  that all the columns of the “File Format” FF_BAPI_TEST have appeared in  the input schema. Right Click on the output schema and select “New  Function Call”.

The below pop-up box appears. Choose the SAP system as function category and select the Function “BAPI_BANK_CREATE”.


Now you need to define the input parameters for the SAP Function “BAPI_BANK_CREATE”.

Select the fields defined in the input schema and populate the Input  parameters as below. You can put “Null” for optional parameters.


The output parameters will provide you  information about success/failure of your data upload and Bank creation  process. One row is created in the output table for each row that is  uploaded. The function will do various automatic checks to validate the  data before creating the Bank.

 If  a Bank is successfully created, The BANKCOUNTRY and BANKKEY is returned  and the MESSAGE column is blank. If a Bank is not created due to some  error, then the MESSAGE column contains description of the error.

Common validations done by this BAPI function are :

1)      Bank Already Exists

2)      SWIFT code must be of length 8 or 11

3)      Field Bank Key cannot contain blanks

This log is captured in the table TEST_BAPI_OUTPUT that is connected to the output of the “Query Transform” BAPI_TEST.

When you run the job in BODS, the data from the tab delimited text file BAPI_TEST.txt will be populated into SAP system. Looking at the contents of TEST_BAPI_OUTPUT you can understand how many records were successfully inserted into SAP system.

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  • It is very nice topic. Could you please let me know  how to write the script using functions..

    I wrote sql function in scripting level. But i am getting some errors.

    Here i am  giving the example whether is correct or not ..


    i was exceuted  above the job. it was getting error. i will getting the output values only 10.

    but i am getting the output all department numbers. Can you please check the syntax an d let me know..

    • Hi

      are you receiving the value returned by the sql in a variable in the form:



  • Thanks for  replay Priya!  I need some help from your side..

    can you please tell me the how to call oracle stored procedure in SAP BODS?

    Please let me know the steps..

  • Hi Priya,

    I will get new application  and i am using BODI/BODS tool. Can you please tell me

    what i need to ask the questions from client but i don’t know the  new application they are using BODI/BODS tool.

    what i need to ask the questions from the client.  please help me..

  • Hi Priya,

    It is a nice topic, I am facing some problem while the standard BAPI list given by the SAP  to fetch the Data from SAP PM(preventive Maintenance) module I am getting NULL values in all the fields even after I gave all mandatory parameters

    BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_GET_DETAIL is the BAPI name for your refernce.

    can you please help me out where I am lagging behind the problem.

    Thanks in Advance

    Rajesh Pidikiti

  • Hi Priya,

    I have Installed the software BODS 3.0 version But now  Every one Using BODS 4.0

    Can you please tell me where can i download BODS 4.0 Version. Please let me know..

    What is the Difference between BODS 3.0 and BODS 4.0?



  • Hello Debapriya Mandal,

    I’am beginner in BODS..and I have a requirement like ‘Loading some Budgeted data from third party tool to SAP CO into the table called COSP,and I found a BAPI for doing so that is “BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTPRIMCOST ” . So,I tried doing it by using test data but its throwing an error say some ‘SAP datastore is Null in RFC commit_work’ .you see it on screen shot below./wp-content/uploads/2016/04/aa_940149.png   So, do we need to execute any other BAPI like ‘BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT’ after executeing the actual BAPI to store/commit our data in SAP.

    Please help me out.My advance Thanks