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What’s new in SAP StreamWork: Easier communication, faster invitations, and better tracking

With the latest release of SAP StreamWork, you’ll be able to communicate more easily, invite others more quickly, and track your activities, actions, and agendas more closely. Read on to see how you can:

Follow communications better

Tag and track conversations

Are there certain topics of conversation that you want to keep tabs on? Comments are now easier to tag – and follow – everywhere in SAP StreamWork. Wherever you can type a comment, you can now also add a hashtag (#likethis) to help categorize and track the conversation. In the Feed Updates view on the home page, you can save any tags you want to track – whether they were tagged by you or someone else – to get a quick snapshot of all conversation on that topic.


If you’re part of an organization in SAP StreamWork, you’ll also be able to see which tags have been popular within your organization for the last day, week, and month.


Alert others with @mentions

Want to be sure that someone specific sees your comment in an activity? Type the @ symbol into the comment field and you’ll be able to choose any participant in that activity to direct your comment toward. They’ll be notified by email – and also see a notice on their SAP StreamWork home page – allowing them to go directly to that activity and respond to it.


Invite multiple people quickly

If you have a long list of colleagues that you’d like to invite to SAP StreamWork, it’s now much faster to invite them all at once. On the home page, select “Invite Multiple People” and you’ll be able to import a CSV file from email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail – so that you don’t have to enter each email address by hand. If some of the people you’re planning to invite already happen to be using SAP StreamWork, you’ll be offered the choice of starting to follow them immediately instead of sending an invitation. And just in case you spot someone in your list that you don’t in fact want to invite, you’ll have the option of unselecting their name before sending out the invitations.


Track activities, actions, and agendas more closely

Add due dates to activities

Assigning specific, time-constrained actions is a vital part of any successful project – and that’s why you’ve long been able to assign action items to participants in an activity. But sometimes the entire activity itself may be the next step – for instance, if your team needs to reach a consensus or make a decision. If that decision needs to be made by a certain day and hour – and the entire activity is focused on that goal – you can now add a due date to the activity. To prompt your team to follow up, you can also set automatic reminders to be sent prior to the due date. You can choose to add a due date when you’re creating the activity or add one later by clicking Activity Details.


Monitor action item completion

Do you manage a team that you frequently need to assign action items to? It’s now easy to see a full list of action items you’ve assigned to people in all of your activities. From the SAP StreamWork home page, click Action Items in the left column. You’ll see one list of items assigned to you, and second list that you’ve assigned to others. In that list, you’ll be able to sort by due date and see which items have been completed.


Set agenda schedules more accurately

Have you ever used SAP StreamWork to manage a live meeting? It’s a convenient place to take live notes – so others can review them immediately – and also makes it easy to set an agenda. Now, the agenda tool helps you keep on schedule even better: You can not only set a date for the meeting but also schedule agenda items to begin at specific times of day – so that you can easily glance at your clock to see if you’re behind. If you change the time of one of the agenda items, the others are updated automatically, and it’s easy to specify topics and presenters for each item.


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