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Unquote Natascha Thomson’s series on Getting Started on Twitter – Part 1 (excerpts of the video blog)

I can proudly say that today what I am on the #SocialMedia platform, chunk of the success has to be given to my mentor @nathomson, who periodically addresses the latest tools and content that is required for an enterprise professional to learn more about twitter and more importantly, how to manage time on social media.

You can check several blogs written by her and the best part is the blog content is not mere graffiti, it’s a mash of content that encapsulates Video snippets, pictures etc, she strongly believes that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and a “video is worth a thousand clicks”, makes you feel, so much closer to the content.

I unquoted one of her very important blogs where she interviewed Sina Motamed, another fellow @SAPMentor on the topic of “Social Media search and geo-targeted content”,links to those blogs are here.

How to create effective #Social Search and Geo-targeted Content

Natascha Thomson: “Tridip, a Klout score doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a broadcaster, and don’t ever feel bad, if it trends in the opposite direction”, these are a few mentor dope artifacts of the conversational mixes, when you reach-out to her with a simple to a complex question”.

The best part of being tuned into @nathomson time-line is that, she periodically touches the basics, as she keeps you updated with the current trends.

A classic example of revisiting the refresher basics, is the theme of today’s blog.

How to get started with twitter in 10 easy steps part 1:and move to the expert status mining the #Sociosphere and more importantly the SAP Community twitterers.

Sop at various time-stamps below on the video for the viral

Part 1: Getting Started with twitter, what are those bare essentials for a jump start which will take you a long way forward

0:20 :go to, create a handle for yourself and a username,     password and be sure to change your password periodically for security reasons.Be wise to choose a handle that reflects your intentions with twitter, it could be your name or even the topic area that you’d like to shout-out, don’t choose a large handle, as it eats into          the 140 character limit

1:30 :Set-up your profile, if you don’t have content, sometimes no one would want to follow you, give a description that reflects your avatar, make sure that you have a picture of yourself, Go to and create some lists for yourself, public or private, mask competitor thoroughfare.Use great tools like tweet deck orhoot suite so that you can add columns and lists for you to scan what’s essentials and matter to you or your followers

2:30 : Do some research to find influencers in your area, follow-them, they will follow you back, the beginning strides might frustrate you in terms of follower count, but that will grow over time

3:45 :Composing your first tweet, you can use URL shortening by or any other service

Stay tuned for more blogs on this from @nathomson, where she would go into greater detail.

If you are a beginner on twitter, ensure that you follow my handle @tridipchakra and @nathomson for the sequels to this post

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  • Tridip:

    collaborating with you in 2011 has been a ton of fun. You are so talented, humble and full of creativity that you translate into action.

    I have learned at least as much from you as you have from me and your blogs are sources of great insight.

    I look forward to some great projects, results and fun in 2012 with you.

    Happy Holidays, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


    • You definately are a Rock Star Natascha, Mentoring the wolfpack entrants on the power of Social Media and Social outreach has been your greatest contribution to the Mentor Wolfpack and outside.
      We cherish to learn more from you on the tool-sets, metrics and all other quadrants of Social Media, that will help us take our bit of SAP Evangelizm to the next level
      We are tuned into your channel in 2012 with all antenas, so keep the rigor and keep the artifacts coming
      Happy NEw year
  • Aren’t those the same thing?  I believe her middle name is social media.

    Started with Twitter.  I keep saying I’m going to.  I keep failing.  Mainly because I can’t get to twitter when it would really help me out.  (From work when I have questions, would like to be involved in a “Tweet Chat” – I just read about that.)  Communicating with a group of people on Twitter is a cool concept.  Everyone get together for a virtual meeting.  Without worring about any technology.  In an informal way.  Very cool.

    Nice post!


    • Michelle:

      You really should try to talk the corp. IT folks into giving you access to Twitter at work. If that is not possible, use your smart phone. There is a continuous stream of #SAP and related tweets throughout the day.
      I suspect that it would not take long to prove the value of Twitter to management, and proving it is not overly distracting from getting your work done.
      Don’t tell them SCN is a Social Media site or that might be blocked also.

      Good luck,

      Kevin Grove

    • Hi Michelle,
      Well said, Social is her middle name and more importantly the fervor to Mentor other Mentors and folks in the SAP Eco-System, is something that is a skill that not many possess, due to constraints with time and Interest, that is where Natascha makes the difference.
      More importantly, 2012 has a lot to offer in terms of what would work for Social Media in the SAP World