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EP: OverviewApp – An Alternative to Workset Map and Service Map

At several occasions I have been working with the Workset Map and Service Map iView. The inflexibility of these iViews and the logic behind the property “Relative Location of Workset” and the values “levelsup” and “pathlist” has always puzzled me. I wanted a more flexible and easier tool to work with. A solution was presented to me by Lars Ljungqvist ; the OverviewApp. To my knowledge, there is no official SAP documentation about the OverviewApp. This is a quick introduction to the OverviewApp.

This blog is based on a EP 7.30 SP2 system. I am not sure about the release date of the OverviewApp, but as you can read in the comments below from John Moy, it is not yet available in 7.02.


Lets start by finding the iView in the PCD. The OverviewApp iView can be found here:

pcd:portal_content/ Simply copy the iView to your custom location. Below you see the Portal Content Studio, which is based on the OverviewApp.


New Category

You can add a category by pressing “New category”.


Enter the details and press “Ok”.


Add Link to Category

Links are added by pressing the   icon. The URL to other PCD objects should look like this:

/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=<pcd link>


Here is the example for the link to Unlock objects, which is provided by SAP:






You can read more about the Overview iView in Lars’ blog:

SAP Web Dynpro Overview iView – a fast and flexible way to create pages in your corporate portal

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  • Hi Elvez,

    Nice blog.  Thanks for sharing this very useful piece of information with the community.  I have looked in a 7.02 Portal and unfortunately that iView does not exist, so I guess this is for those lucky enough to be on 7.3.

    Well done!



    • Hi John,

      thank you for enriching the blog. I will update it with your information. I have not been able to find out when the OverviewApp was released.


  • …but it isn’t really a replacement for the service map or work set map iViews, as the content is not dynamic. This means you need to change the iView if you add options to work sets etc…
    • Hi Michael,

      I do write that it is an alternative and not replacement of the service map or workset map iViews. For my requirements, it is a replacement. I prefer simplicity and flexibility before the dynamic content. I really like the OverviewApp.

  • Hi Experts

    I am also looking to do the same in BI 7.3 but which option shall i choose in the first screen that is “Portal Content Studio” so that i can get the option “New Category”.

    Sorry am new to BI so dont have much idea about it.



  • Hi Zink

    you have mentioned copy the “ivew to your custom location” . can you please provide more details about what exactly you meant by it and how you got the second screen


    Jammy z

    • Hi Jammy,

      by custom location, I mean a custom folder in the PCD (Portal Content Directory). After copying the iView you simply open it from the PCD. The screenshot displays the iView when it is open and in edit mode.

      Hope it answers your question.


      • hi Bjorn

        in continuation of your above discussion say i have a infoarea as “Financial Management” and i want to edit the icon for it. Like here you have used “doc_star” for Demo query there for another object under FM i want to use “doc_star”. so how do i replace the existing icon and put the new one.Something like this SCN query.jpg

        Here i want icon X6 to look similar to rest of the icons. so how do i achive that ?



        • Hi Jammy,

          this is very trivial. Go into the portal as an end user (with content administrator user or someone who has edit permissions) and open the overview. An Edit button will appear in the upper right corner of the iView. On the category level press the edit button (looks like a pen). There you can choose the option select pictogram and it is possible to select doc_star.

          That’s it. For further questions, I would like you to post them in the portal forum and from there you can refer to this blog.


  • Thanks. Very nice option.

    Perhaps you could detail how we can customise the end user possibility to adapt this overview map (end user personalisation activation).


    • Hi Gilles,

      I realize that the end user phasing is confusing or perhaps even incorrect. All contents in this blog is showing the “end user” perspective. It is displayed when you open the iView via the PCD.

      • Hi Bjorn-Henrik,

        Realy this is very useful blog. I have used Overviewapp to display some of iview links and I can show the links as per my requirement. But I have one query whether we can remove the “Edit” option when assigning that overview page/role to user. Is there any way to disable that edit option from end users.


        • Hi All,

          Any ideas on my requirement. How can I disable the “edit” button, because I don’t want to provide this option to end users to edit the page.

          Your inputs will be apreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi @all,

    the OverviewApp iView is a very good alternative, but when i change the iView name or id there is following error:

    The iView dont display the own content and show only the “edit” button. When i click on the button  the message ” Cannot perform the action: write-protect mode is currently active ” is displaying.

    Has anybody an idea or knowing anybody this error?



  • HI,

    Very nice blog. But I have one more requirement. I have created HOME role which contains OVERVIEW page. This overview page contains all top level navigation role for eg ESS. Now when I click this ESS content from overview page, its displaying its details but the navigation at top level is still highlightling HOME role. I want to move my highlighter at top level navigation to ESS role(at Top level) similar to service map. Please suggest how to achieve that.


    Khushboo Agarwal