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SAP Influencer Summit: The quest for access

With so many new technologies being introduced by SAP, there is still one crucial question that is being left out.. When will developers get free / affordable access to these tools??Those questions were finally taken up at SAP Summit and were answered to a certain extent. In short, don’t expect to get your hands on them anytime soon, as there are lot of moving parts that need to work in sync to make this happen. However, the fact that SAP now ‘gets it’, is heartening enough and gives hope that soon you can expect some goodies coming your way.

Though i wasn’t present at SAPSummit I kept a close watch on the proceedings online, hoping against hope for some of the questions that I’ve had regarding SAP’s approach to innovation, but really didn’t know where to start. That time finally came, and well it all started with a tweet. SAP mentor Jon Reed Posted a tweet on getting access to SDk’s for partner app development.jon1

I replied to his tweet requesting that he include access for developers as well in the mix. The following was his reply. 


And then a few hours later, he followed it up with a discussion that was uploaded on youtube on the JD-OD show. this discussion is very relevant for all developers out there that are waiting on the sidelines to get into newer areas. 

With all that talk behind us, lets begin to dissect what was different about the SAP Summit this time. SAP finally realises that expecting partners to roll out new technology into the mainstream alone will not cut it. There are thousands of smaller firms and individual developers out there that are more agile and adept at thinking out of the box and coming up with newer, better solutions. As long as these developers don’t get easy and affordable access to these tools, SAP’s vision of widespread use of these tools, and innovative solutions built on top of them and their wider adoption will remain just that, a pipe dream. 


Thanks to Jon and other SAP mentors for bringing this issue to the mainstream. 

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  • Thanks Mohammed.

    It really goes both ways – it’s community folks sharing info with each other that keeps the information we all need flowing.

    In this case, your tweet brought home  a key point about developer access which in turn gave me even more motivation to carry that point forward with executives.

    I am glad that many of my colleagues and fellow Mentors share the view that content and access should be shared because that’s what it’s all about. Congrats on your first blog post and look forward to more!

    – Jon