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Developing for Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1 – Handcrafting

In Duet Enterprise 1.0 Feature Pack 1 we have two development approaches:

  • Tooling approach
  • Handcrafting approach

The Tooling approach has already been briefly introduced Generate code-free solutions for Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1. As for the handcrafting approach, here you are manually creating a Gateway Data Model, a web service interface and ABAP classes and coding (see step 1 and 2):


Want to learn more about this?

The new Developer Guide for Feature Pack 1 has just been published. This guide outlines all the required steps for handcrafting:

Why do I need to do handcrafting?

You might be wondering why you still need handcrafting now that we have a new toolset that allows you to generate a code-free solution. Here a couple of examples where you might need to consider the handcrafting approach:

  • Your data source does not meet the requirements of the generation tools.
  • You require a more complex solution (e.g. the CREATE and UPDATE scenarios can become so complex that handcrafting might be required)
  • You require a complex data structure (Note: The BDC Browser automatically flattens all complex structures)

What has changed compared to the handcrafting prior to FP1?

The handcrafting has changed a bit in FP1. Main differences are:

  • Starting with FP1 we are no longer using the GenIL Mode and are switching now to the Gateway Data Model.
  • Consumer Inbound and Outbound Mappers are no required.

I encourage you to take a look at the new guide to familiarize yourself with these changes.

Note: There is no need to change your previously built solutions. We recommend that if you start a new development you should now switch over to the new process.

Hybrid Approach

There is also the possibility to mix-and-match between handcrafting and the tooling approach – hybrid approach. Example: You might handcraft the objects for Step 1 (GW Data Model, BSO, BOP and Mappers) and then for Step 2 you can use the BDC Browser tool.

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