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Sometimes is a little confusing how to customize the Sales Area templates assigned to the Account. Here you have a quick configuration description:


1st Step:

Template Types: Working with accounts, the relevant template type is CRM_SALES, assigned to BUPA object.

IMG: “Define Template Types for Business Partner”




2nd Step:

IMG: “Assign Mini-Template Types to Template Types”: The sales-area-dependent mini-templates types to be used in the Template Type:


These sales-area-dependent mini-templates types are defined in customizing entry:

IMG: “Define Mini-Template Types for Business Partner” as  .


3rd Step:

After this you should maintain the sales-area-independent mini-templates (attributes) and sales-area-dependent mini-templates (sales area):

IMG “Maintain Mini-Templates”.






4th Step:

Now, with the sales-area-independent mini-templates  (ex: ZBELSHATT) and sales-area-dependent mini-templates (ZBELSHSA) created, the template to be assigned when maintaining an account can be created in the following customizing:

IMG: “Assign Mini-Templates to Templates”

1º Create the template name:

2º Assign the sales-area-dependent mini-template created



Maintaining sales area data in accounts in the WebUI can be done using the templates: “New from Template”





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  1. Former Member
    Hi Belen,
    Thanks for the blog.
    Do you know any standard or custom way to automatically assign this template to the BP on each time a new data is created?
  2. Former Member

    Hi Belen,

    Thanks for the blog.

    How can you assign another template to the BP, if assigned the first template? The possibility of multiple assignment templates?




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