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#SAPChat on SAP´s Cloud Strategy – transcripüt

#SAPChat on SAP´s Cloud strategy – transcript

December 18, 2011 by Sven Denecken

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December 7th we conducted a tweetchat (see #SAPChat) on SAP´s Cloud strategy. Focus was based on a recent blog I posted (see here: ) and of course many tried to check if #SFSF would be discussed. Well, you will for sure hear more about this from me after close.

We gave some background to customer and partner experiences, especially from our co-innovation program where we involve them from day 1 of starting a new project. We highlighted some of the increasing demand we do have for subsidiaries, especially for OnDemand products, the 2 Tier ERP Approach.

Keep following us, we will have a new #SAPChate coming up soon in Q1, and of course we will answer topics we could not answer December 7th ;-)



Read the transcript here

Welcome to our #SAPChat on #cloud! We have our hosts @SDenecken & @Rhirsch here to answer your questions live!

07-Dec-11 15:00 | @SAP

We know a lot of you may have questions related to @SuccessFactors. But unfortunately we’re unable to answer questions… #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:02 | @SAP

…due to legal issues. Here’s a post to explain: Here’s a quick blog post explaining what we can discuss #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:02 | @SAP

I know that #SFSF is a hot topic for you now, feel free to join a discussion here not now in #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:05 | @SDenecken

#SAPChat Since #SAP cant comment on Q&A regarding #SuccessFactors I used my crystal ball to answer

07-Dec-11 15:17 | @SAP_Jarret

looking forward to #SAPChat on Cloud Strategy – let’s get started – try & stump us

07-Dec-11 15:02 | @rhirsch


Let me get the ball rolling: why is a hybrid on-demand & on-premise strategy important for #SAP’s #cloud strategy? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:05 | @SAP

I think that the hybrid approach (OnPremise/OnDemand) allows SAP to use process experience from OnPremise in OnDemand environments

07-Dec-11 15:05 | @rhirsch


Is there a plan to publish cloud app roadmaps and white spaces for partners to focus on? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:05 | @s_khan

@s_khan Yes, we are discussing whitespaces with the eco-system already and working on roadmaps #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:06 | @SDenecken

@s_khan I assume that you are interested in the ByDesign whitespaces? Correct? #SapChat

07-Dec-11 15:08 | @rhirsch

Thanks @SDenecken. @rhirsch not only ByD, but LOB and Industry apps as well #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:09 | @s_khan


What types of companies are making the move to the #SAP cloud? What qualities of the #cloud make them want to go that direction? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:07 | @itelligence_US

@itelligence_US we have companies of all sizes, look at our portfolio for details on SME, LE and Partner ecosystem #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:11 | @SDenecken


what is the future strategies on Enterprise Portal related to #cloud #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:08 | @rajubbk

@rajubbk you may want to take a look at the PortalOnDemand solution – it is planned to run on NetWeaver NEO

07-Dec-11 15:08 | @rhirsch

@rajubbk Enterprise portal more related to OnPremise, for cloud solution mainly mobile, Silverlight and HTML5 coming #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:08 | @SDenecken

don’t think that a common/managed end user UI is only relevant on premise (re. #EP on premise) @rajubbk #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:10 | @dakoller

@dakoller I think it depends on whether on whether we are talking webUI or mobile #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:14 | @rhirsch

@rajubbk Portal also plans an on demand strategy, see portal roadmap future directions: #SAPchat

07-Dec-11 15:15 | @PORTAL_SAP

@rhirsch right, but pure html5, mobile etc. is *alone* no replacement for a complete portal solution #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:16 | @dakoller

@dakoller true, mashup capabilities need to be considered as well. Wouldn´t a service imntegrate to an existing portal? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:19 | @SDenecken

@SDenecken right:however SAPs strategy focussed 4 me on providing THE internal portal ¬ so much on integration into othr portals #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:22 | @dakoller

@dakoller but the definition of the portal is expanding into the OnDemand arena as well – hybrid potential is there as well #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:26 | @rhirsch

@SDenecken So in that case SAP will provide a solution similar to #salesforce ? #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:12 | @rajubbk

@rajubbk Not know enough about what SFDC is doing or really delivering, we believ in decoupling of logic + UI to stay flexible. #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:15 | @SDenecken

@s_khan @rajubbk yep that it is the advantage of the NW Neo – open standards #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:16 | @rhirsch


could you define the cloud in a tweet? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:09 | @stebren1

@stebren1 the SAP definition or a general one? For which audience? It is tough in a tweet? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:11 | @rhirsch

@rhirsch its tough, i appreciate, sap definition? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:13 | @stebren1


Can you tell anything about Core and Edge, and whether these are outdated concepts or not? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:10 | @fredverheul

I’d say Core/Edge is still meaningful as edge stands for more rapid innovation, while core = commodities (running core processes) #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:13 | @steinermatt

@fredverheul Still valid, names might change. But we believe that multiple platforms with common qualities and lifecycle / hybrid #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:13 | @SDenecken

@steinermatt #SAPChat – its not #SAPinese, but I like core defined as core competency (differentiating), edge as everything else

07-Dec-11 15:17 | @GregChase


#SAPChat what is a reasonable timeframe to consider moving core apps – ie SRM from on-premise to SAP Cloud?

07-Dec-11 15:13 | @kgrovetx

@kgrovetx good question #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:14 | @stebren1

@kgrovetx SRM is already available “in the cloud”, called Sourcing OD check #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:17 | @SDenecken


What is the biggest challenge SAP faces to realize its vision w/ NetWeaver River/Neo – Java developer platform #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:14 | @jonerp

@jonerp I think it is getting momentum in the developer environment and defining the use cases that fit the platform #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:17 | @rhirsch


#SAPChat What about the cultural implications of the #SuccessFactors deal on staid, old #SAP. See any challenges? #EnSW

07-Dec-11 15:14 | @mkrigsman

@mkrigsman …due to legal issues. Here’s a post to explain: what we can discuss #SAPChat #succcessfactors

07-Dec-11 15:14 | @GregChase

#SAPChat @GregChase Rephrase: Is #SAP capable of becoming a “cloud culture” in 2012? #EnSW

07-Dec-11 15:16 | @mkrigsman

via @mkrigsman: #SAPChat What about cultural implications on staid, old #SAP? #EnSW — Staid? Have you been around @sapmentors lately? ;-)

07-Dec-11 15:18 | @finnern

@mkrigsman What are factors of a #cloud culture? Here’s one: regular rapid scheduled release. ByDesign is already biannual. #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:18 | @GregChase

@mkrigsman @dan_mcweeney but the ecosystem (devs, etc) can also help influence the culture #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:24 | @rhirsch

@sapmentors MAKE culture. And frankly, most of SAP’s customers want SAP to make sense of innovation and change! @mkrigsman @finnern #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:24 | @GregChase

@mkrigsman ….it’s about strengthening the cloud part of the hybrid vision…this is a big step in the right direction #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:26 | @SDenecken

#SAPChat @finnern @sapmentors @sap Yes, agreed there is new enthusiasm and innovation, but is it in happy silos or pervasive?

07-Dec-11 15:26 | @mkrigsman

RT @finnern: via @mkrigsman: #SAPChat Think @sapmentors are atypical of SAP culture as a whole. – I see renewed innovation energy @sap: HANA, InnoJams

07-Dec-11 15:26 | @GregChase

#SAPChat @rhirsch @dan_mcweeney Agreed that the dev ecosystem can play important role in driving culture (and it should!).

07-Dec-11 15:27 | @mkrigsman

@mkrigsman agree that in terms of changing culture around cloud that embracing new biz models is hardest part. Many hurdles there. #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:29 | @jonerp

@mkrigsman …good point…orchestration discussions help avoid silos #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:30 | @SDenecken

via @mkrigsman: #SAPChat @sapmentors Happy silos or pervasive? — HANA’s long tentacles reach far. Enthusiasm of new opportunities @sap

07-Dec-11 15:31 | @finnern

@mkrigsman @jonerp I think changing corp. culture and changing the business models regarding cloud are two diff things entirely #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:31 | @rhirsch

RT @mkrigsman: #sapchat @jonerp Eventually, #SAP will get #cloud technology totally right. The business model changes are harder, after 40 yrs in business.

07-Dec-11 15:31 | @fredverheul

#SAPChat @rhirsch @jonerp Respected friends, I would argue that business model change and cultural change to the #cloud are tightly linked.

07-Dec-11 15:33 | @mkrigsman

@fredverheul it is about hybrid, preserve the good that you have + adapt to the paradigm shift of the cloud #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:34 | @SDenecken

@mkrigsman @jonerp true – I was referring to the levels of difficulty to change them respectively #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:34 | @rhirsch

@mkrigsman @rhirsch “I would argue that business model change and cultural change to the #cloud are tightly linked” – agree with M. #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:35 | @jonerp

@jonerp @mkrigsman regarding business change / culture change – would be interesting to explore role of broader ecosystem in each #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:38 | @rhirsch

#SAPChat @rhirsch @jonerp Business model change without cultural acceptance creates a house divided. #SAP must be careful about that issue.

07-Dec-11 15:41 | @mkrigsman


#SAPchat you probably read my concerns on “Safe Harbor vs. Patriot Act”. What do current #cloud clients think about this toppic?

07-Dec-11 15:14 | @se38

@se38 Customers are vocal about this, especuially our co-innovation customers… they want to decide where data recides #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:18 | @SDenecken


#SAPChat Will there be unified approach for partners to develop add-ons on top of core like ByD + LOB, irresp. of platform (if multiple)?

07-Dec-11 15:18 | @fredverheul

@fredverheul are you referring to ByD and NetWeaver Neo – they reflect 2 different use cases – tough to have one unified approach #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:18 | @rhirsch

@rhirsch Yeah but also referring (illegally) to #SFSF and maybe others. If NGAP + NEO Core + Edge resp., tougher for 1 approach #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:23 | @fredverheul


role of #cloud for #SAP in high-growth market strategy? we see regional players esp. in #BRIC driving share gains w/ #ERP #cloud #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:17 | @EAHHTBR

@EAHHTBR True, cloud in fast growing markets is key, see our collaboration in China e.g. and 2Tier ERP strategy (see my blog) #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:21 | @SDenecken

@EAHHTBR I know that #SFSF is a hot topic for you now, feel free to join a discussion here not now in #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:28 | @SDenecken

@EAHHTBR to the platform PaaS and IaaS #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:32 | @SDenecken

@EAHHTBR look at the HANA AppCloud – I’ve done a few blogs about it – #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:33 | @rhirsch


How is SAP education keeping up with these rapid product development cycles #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:17 | @BoobBoo

@BoobBoo irt Neo / PaaS it’s mostly opensource so the community upskills itself #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:21 | @steinermatt

@BoobBoo they are at the forefront than change management is huge here #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:22 | @SDenecken

@BoobBoo agree, take for example a software development kit, needs to be easy to use but rich in content #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:23 | @SDenecken

@steinermatt @BoobBoo that is 1 emphasis for NW NEO that dev can influence the platform by collaborating in open source projects #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:23 | @rhirsch

@BoobBoo @steinermatt Furthermore – all the current SAP Netweaver Neo beta users get of course a getting started tutorial. #sapchat #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:24 | @evilyeti

@BoobBoo I say #SAP understands that to gain momentum, we need to contribute to upskilling as well, we started w/ this @#SAPTechEd #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:27 | @steinermatt

@BoobBoo @steinermatt the whole issue of developer education is critical for the success of NW Neo – devs beyond SAP ecosystem #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:27 | @rhirsch


#SAPChat Heard #SAP is building a data center in the US. Where is it located & when will it be operational.

07-Dec-11 15:19 | @SAP_Jarret

@SAP_Jarret Data center in US is already operational in NewTown Square, PA #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:22 | @GregChase

@GregChase @SAP_Jarret …. and further data centers planned – but in SAP Business cloud quality #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:24 | @SDenecken


#SAPChat Please discuss planned of impact Rapid Deployment Solutions on #SAP market #RDS #EnSW

07-Dec-11 15:22 | @mkrigsman

@mkrigsman RDS – packages mainly for OnPremise, but you can also see them as fast packages to integrate cloud serv going forward #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:27 | @SDenecken


#sapchat So when is the planned release date to NW Neo. And provide me more information on NW Neo

07-Dec-11 15:26 | @rajubbk

@rajubbk NW Neo beta is open for registrations at #sapchat. You can search on #SDN the great blogs of @steinermatt

07-Dec-11 15:30 | @evilyeti


@SAP @SDenecken What would you think? Will SAP replace Human decision making with its new in memory computing in future?#SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:27 | @Xenon_Kv

@Xenon_Kv don’t know whether it will replace it but they will be complementary to one another. So many use cases… #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:29 | @rhirsch


#SAPChat Sheer curiosity: are we gonna hit 1000 customers for #ByDesign on 2011-12-31?

07-Dec-11 15:28 | @fredverheul

.@fredverheul FWIW on the two SAP-SuccessFactors calls, Jim Snabe said ByDesign would reach the goal of 1,000 customers for 2011… #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:33 | @jonerp

@fredverheul #ByDesign yes, and Jim just iterated on the calls last weekend #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:29 | @SDenecken


For Hybrid environments across IaaS and onPremise we need tools like Titanium – when can we see these even in Ramp-up #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:28 | @BoobBoo

.@BoobBoo Regarding Titanium, hunting for projected ramp-up data for you #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:35 | @GregChase

.@Booboo Re: Project Titanium – we are hoping to go into ramp up in 2013, but no certain date yet. Have to finish some development #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:45 | @GregChase

@BoobBoo ok, good question, but thought of it in terms of a consistent offering from #sap side #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:39 | @dakoller

@BoobBoo for devs #gateway imo enables needed integration 4 mobile developments,a 2nd mobile platform is likely not #sap’s priority #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:40 | @dakoller

For those wondering about what Titanium is: Easy provisioning of SAP system templates from catalog / store into IaaS @booboo #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:53 | @GregChase

@GregChase thx… didn’t get that before … thought it is about the mobile app dev tool ;-) #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:54 | @dakoller

@GregChase Iaas and MDMHub are a critical component in the cloud strategy – should be get more attention IMHO #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:56 | @rhirsch


Thanks @rhirsch. Any new business model incorporating SAP HANA App with cloud tech, is SAP working on? If so, when is the release? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:34 | @Xenon_Kv

@Xenon_Kv seen a few slides but to be truthful don’t know any release dates – my blogs are attempt to understand use cases for HanaAppCloud

07-Dec-11 15:34 | @rhirsch

@rhirsch liked the concept, how real/how fast will it be available? re. #hana #appcloud? @sdenecken #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:37 | @dakoller

@dakoller have to distinguish between HANAApCloud and HANA in the cloud? BIOnDemand is already partly based on HANA #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:39 | @rhirsch

@rhirsch had the app cloud in mind. #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:41 | @dakoller

@rhirsch @dakoller … and ByD uses inMemory/Hana for analytics already as well #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:42 | @SDenecken

@dakoller seen demo of it but absolutely no details #hanappcloud #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:43 | @rhirsch


Is #SAP expecting to offer an #ERP solution in the #cloud? If so, what model will be used? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:36 | @itelligence_US

#SAPChat @itelligence_US What about Business byDesign as an #ERP solution in the cloud?

07-Dec-11 15:39 | @mkrigsman

@mkrigsman Indeed, it’s a great solutions for SME’s or subsidiaries of LEs #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:41 | @JohnAnthonyHunt

@itelligence_US also check here more to come in further blogs from John and myself #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:43 | @SDenecken


#sapchat Will #ByDesign eventually replace Business Suite in your opinion? Say 2020? When everyone is totally into cloud + support ends? :)

07-Dec-11 15:41 | @fredverheul

@fredverheul if I knew 2020 will have a different job… ;-) ok, 2Tier ERP / subsidiary is the focus now #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:44 | @SDenecken


@SDenecken What’s the future of “River” and “Career on Demand”? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:41 | @nikee69

and #river have more integration points with #sap either on or off-premise? @nikee69 #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:44 | @dakoller

@nikee69 if you are referring to NetWeaver Neo / Project River, it isn’t going anywhere – it will only get impt in the future #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:45 | @rhirsch

@nikee69 IMO SAP can’t comment much on Career OnDemand till SAP-SF deal goes thru in 2012. #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:45 | @jonerp


@fredverheul At the moment, the strategy is to position ByD for SME market only #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:43 | @s_khan

@s_khan @fredverheul #Bydesign not only for SME – platform for LoB OD solutions and much more ME this year, on stage #sapsummit #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:46 | @SDenecken

@SDenecken If more SF like deals take place in future, dont think ByD will act as a platform for all LOB apps. New apps on ByD only #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @s_khan

@s_khan “SaaS and Multitierd ERP Strategy” or how we would call it – get your subsidiary linked in fast…: #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @SDenecken

@s_khan @fredverheul #Bydesign not only for SME – platform for LoB OD solutions and much more ME this year, on stage #sapsummit #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:59 | @SAPByDesign


Will #RDS be provided as a #cloud model? #SAPchat

07-Dec-11 15:48 | @sv_muc

@sv_muc RDS is offered as hosted + subscription based pricing, so closed to… #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @SDenecken


Will #cloud be a dedicated new LoB at SAP? #SAPchat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @sv_muc

@sv_muc it is already #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:54 | @SDenecken


Today #cloud tomorrow on premise; will customers have choice / flexibility for #hybrid? #SAPchat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @sv_muc

@sv_muc absolutely…our strategy is derived from customer demand #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @JohnAnthonyHunt


How can #Gamification play along with #cloud #LoB #apps? #SAPchat

07-Dec-11 15:50 | @sv_muc

@sv_muc question is what unique characteristics of OnDemand platforms can enhance #Gamification efforts #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:54 | @rhirsch

@sv_muc yes, SAP Plays Games with the Analysts, and the Gamification of the Enterprise Begins. See #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:53 | @SDenecken


How to integreate a #cloud philosophy into traditional #software license business? #SAPchat

07-Dec-11 15:51 | @sv_muc

@sv_muc by dedicated uinit, dedicated gtm org and offering hybrid so customers have a choice #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:53 | @SDenecken


What are the pros and cons of NetWeaver Gateway currently? (Good and not good use cases) #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:52 | @jonerp

@jonerp are you talking about the Cloud-related aspects of Gateway or more general aspects? #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:54 | @rhirsch

@rhirsch cloud-related I guess since we’re in a cloud chat. ;) #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:55 | @jonerp

@jonerp i see gateway like features important for on-demand platform offering to ensure easy consumption #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:57 | @s_khan

@jonerp much depends on ease of integration into OD offerings – if things are too difficult that devs will use it in isolation #sapchat

07-Dec-11 15:59 | @rhirsch


@steinermatt In what way SAP subsists itself in on-demand solution?Has SAP stepped in considering change in business model so far? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 15:59 | @Xenon_Kv

@Xenon_Kv cloud is one of our 5 pillars, and a substancial business going forward #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 16:01 | @SDenecken

@Xenon_Kv sorry, must have missed your tweet. yes, alternative business models are vital part of the cloud story #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 19:22 | @steinermatt


@SAP @SAP I have one question on UI.. Why can’t SAP get any look and simplicity such as Apple’s? #SAPChat

07-Dec-11 16:00 | @rahulkarur

@rahulkarur check out our new solution: SAP Travel OnDemand..currently in beta…customers love the UI #sapchat

07-Dec-11 16:02 | @JohnAnthonyHunt

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