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BW7.30:Exporting Hierarchy using Open Hub Destination into Flat file from BW 7.3

Hello SCN,

We use Open Hub destination to get the data from SAP BW system. In this blog, i would like to explain how to download a hierarchy from BW 7.30 to flat file.

When you export the hierarchy from BW 7.3, we will get the hierarchies in the new structure (though the hierarchy was defined in the old structure of 3.x).

In the navigation, i would brief about exporting hierarchy from BW to flat file, using a info object template.



1)      Go to DWWB (RSA1).

2)      Select Open Hub Destination.

3)      Now select “Create Open Hub Destination” from the context menu as shown below.


4) Give the name and description.

5) Select Template as Info object (It means we are selecting the Hierarchy to be downloaded on the basis of info object).



Give the info object name (Example: 0COSTCENTER)

6) Check the Subobj. Type as “info object Hierarchies”(to mention that we need the hierarchy list to be downloaded)

7)Check the option “Create Transformations and DTP”(it will automatically create the required transformations and DTP for data loading process).

Now you can see the transformations required for data loading process are automatically created and activated as shown below.

8) Now select the Destination type as “FILE”. 


9) Select the Directory and give the path name for your local directory.As you are giving “local directory” here , it would warn you as “it cannot be loaded using process chains”. You can ignore the warning.


10) Don’t forget to give the hierarchy name, which you want to download in the filter selections of the DTP.

11)Now Activate the DTP and execute it.

Now you can see 2 files S_HIERTANG.CSV (metadata of the hierarchies) and HIERTANG.CSV(hierarchy details in new structure).

Hence we downloaded the hierarchy. 

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