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BW 7.30: Data Flow Migration tool: Migrating 3.x flows to 7.3 flows and also the recovery to 3.X flow

Hello SCN,

We all know that in BI 7.0, migration of each BW Object is done separately. BW 7.30 presents you with a wizard based solution in which migrates all the BW objects in the data flow along with process chains from 3.x to 7.3(i.e. DTP’s are automatically created and added).

I present you with sample navigation on how to do migration / recovery in BW 7.30


1) Go to DWWB.

2) Select “Migrate Data Flow” from the context menu of the Info provider on which you want to execute migration as shown below.

3) This will lead you to the following screen, where you are required to give a name for the migration project. (Migration project is a place where we can group all the data flows into different projects and carry out migration. If the migration fails, we can revert back using “recovery” option.

4) I have given the name for migration project as “MIGTANG”.


5) Click on Create Button.

6) This will lead you to the following screen, where you can see all the BW objects and also a check box against the 3.x objects to choose the objects for migration.

7) Press “SAVE” after selecting the required objects. You can also use options like “ADD DATA FLOW” and “REMOVE DATA FLOW” from this screen as shown below.

8) Now select “Migration/Recovery” option in the screen .You can also see the Migration history and Status of Migration Project along with Step Reached in this screen.

9) You will now come across the below screen, where you can select the steps which have to be done.

10) Now select the steps and run the migration.

11) We have successfully completed our migration. You can find in the below screen. You can also see the logs for more details.

12) If we get some error, you will find “RED” traffic alert in the above logs and also get the step at which the migration has failed. Then you have to consider recovery to correct your errors before proceeding for migration. Now I will explain you how to do Recovery process in the below steps.

13) Now you will find the below screen, where you have to uncheck the objects you wanted for recovery.

14) Now run the recovery.

15) The BW objects we have selected got recovered, you can see in the below screen.

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      • Hi, a very interesting presentations. I have a question pertaining to the infosource. When we performed the migrate data flow, we select all flows available. After migration completes, we noticed that all are migrated including infosource. And now our datasource are connected to transformations -> infosource -> transformations -> cube. My question will be is it necessary to have the infosource or can it be removed (manually)? Or can we remove the infosource part by using the Remove Data Flow functions during the migrations.


  • Hi,

    I have a doubt.

    After creating a migration project and executing in the development system.

    How do we transport the migrated objects to the quality.



  • As I understand, this was described as for Development area only.
    In Producton area the most important thing is delta (IMHO) - it must be stable (no new initialization loadings).
    What is the case for Producton area? - to import transport package with new Data Flow from Development, or to make migration in Production area directly?

    • Thanks for updation...

      I have couple of queries

      1. Please send the details like issues faced during migration from BW3.X to BI7.X and solutions

      2. Is it possible to migrate from 3.5 to 7.4? If yes please provide the steps. If no what is alternate solution? Is the only the solution migrate from 3.5X to 7.0 and upgrade from 7.0 to 7.4.

      3. in 3.5, have transfer rules/update rules/info source etc but in 7.X no such things. When u do migrate how these will convert into IP/DTPs. Please provide these things in detail.

      Waiting for your reply Thanks

      • Hello Sumit,

        did you solve the problem and migrate your data flows to 7.4? I have the same task and need a solution. could you able to trace the migration process concerning success?


  • Thanks for this document! It outlines the steps in simple steps and easily understandable.

    Have a query

    During migration, DTPs are created from corresponding InfoPackages. However, the routines written in the InfoPackage are not replicated in the DTP. In such a scenario, is it recommended to create new DTPs directly in production ? Or should we make related DTP changes in dev and then move them to prod environment?