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SAP – Super & Awesome Performer

SAP has been a market leader, if not the market leader in the enterprise resource planning, ERP systems arena for the last three decades. Although the competition is fierce with a lot of new entrants in the market place from large and small vendors over this time, SAP is still a leader in enterprise software.


Its a like parent child relationship

God Father : ERP

Super parent : SAP

Awesome Childs :

  • HANA
  • The Great Solution Manager
  • R/3
  • mySap
  • CRM
  • SRM
  • Rapid deployment system(RDS)
  • Business one
  • Business All in One
  • Business By design
  • APO
  • BI
  • SNC(ICH) & etc.,

Therefore I, we will calling as SAP a Super & Awesome Performer

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  • Hi Vasanth,
    Understood that you are super impressed…SAP is awesome, no doubt. Perhaps this is your first blog and nice to see you trying to participate in the community. A blog could be written for providing some new information, or your interesting views based on some analysis…but what are you trying to tell us in your blog? It is a good idea to re-read or have someone go over it before publishing so that there are no grammatical errors. If you like, please enhance this blog – why are the children so awesome and how they play with one another as a good team – so that it becomes a good and enriching reading experience for us.
  • The title grabbed my attention.  The content was a little bit scarce.   I would have loved to have read about why you thought it was Super, Awesome, Performer.

    Did it help you in some way?  Help your company?  How?  You have good feelings about SAP!  That is great.  Somedays I have great feelings – somedays I hate SAP.  It just depends.  Ahhh!  That fun SAP word it depends.

    I would have loved to have had this start a debate!

    Is SAP a Super, Awesome Performer?  Why do you think so???


    BTW – I am the queen of long comments.  At least that is what I say.  So here it goes.

    SAP Super Awesome Performer
    It is an amazing system that has helped my company in many different ways.  It is hard to think about all the ways because we have been up on the system for so long.

    We are using many of the different “products”.  We use RPM – this makes our project tracking integrated into our financial area.  In this way the “Super” SAP has come to our rescue – no more putting in the actual figures from a project manually in our ERP system.  Instead it is automatic.  It has helped with…  Well many things.

    Plus I got to learn ABAP!  Perhaps the funest – not a word – way of programming to date.  I had all the “old” programming languages that I knew, COBOL, RPG, BASIC, C (NOT C++)…  Then I had to learn this new code.  The new code is fun, evolving and does things that I haven’t done before.  What is cool about ABAP?  It is constantly changing and giving me better ways to do things.  It moved from a BSP to where I had to do all of my own Javascript to Webdynpro where I don’t.  In making my tasks easier I can do things quicker.  Doing things quicker, makes my projects fun, and people like me a whole lot better.  I can be a “super hero” when I deliver before time, on budget, and give them more than what they were expecting.

    SAP the dark side.  (ABAP because that’s what I do MOST of the time)  ABAP is constantly changing.  OOP – really that means oops in English right?  Oops, I developed something harder to use.   Oops we are constantly learning things, and that gives me a headache sometimes.

    Oops – actually I love learning it.  So that I can again – quickly design and use different classes/methods to give them a quick prototype.  Again I get to be a super hero.

    So the debate – do YOU love our Hate SAP and why?

    Vasanth – why do you love SAP personally?

    I’m curious,


    • Dear Michelle,

      Thanks for your attention. So many questions you have raised. but only one answer.That is…

      “SAP is: Just looking into the ocean and liking what you see”
      Moral: You have no time to looking all.

      I Love SAP….

      • That ocean can be lovely.  Swimming, surf boarding, fishing, boating…  It also holds sharks.

        Exactly there is no way to look at it all.

        I love / hate SAP.  Love it most of the time.