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SAP on IBM i – Update week 50 2011, sapcpe boost

Welcome at the SAP on IBM i update! Feedback triggers improvement. Here is a recent example from kernel logistics. Feel encouraged to give feedback yourselves…

Asynchronous update of kernel on IBM i

Coming latest with the 7.20 DCK you are able to configure your system to make use of the sapcpe mechanism. This procedure ensures you are able to maintain your kernel at any time at a central location and let the system replicate updated binaries to local instances at startup time – a major improvement in logistics, I would say.

The bad thing is: sapcpe has to really do it, and it has to do it at system start: It may take a while until binaries are copied to the file system and ILE parts have to be extracted.

So here is the good news: Available with level 106 of patch ILE the tools APYSIDKRN, which your administrator uses to maintain the central kernel repository, takes care of and triggers the replication for all IBM i instances into side directories and libraries. These will be renamed at system start so that sapcpe is instantly done with its work.

Need details? Here are some links for technical deep dive – SMP login required as usual:

Stay tuned…

As the development team intends to maintain a consistent format, editions of the series will continue to be published on my name. Set feeds accordingly if you are interested in following the series.

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