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How to narrow the search results in report according to the hierarchy node

1.When searching for a Profit or cost centre in BI reports it is taking longer than it used to and that when search results are displayed they include all other countries PC/CC that are on production server instance.

When we can’t pull the data on these codes as we are restricted by company code, it is slowing system performance down and should be resolved.

Customers did not used to be able to see other countries codes – this could cause confusion to the users.

2. As per BI Search Functionality we have two options in the report level to address this issue as below:

Option 1: Give only number in hierarchy node and select parent node as well before search. The result will be narrowed down according to the hierarchy [it will give correct values and search will be faster].

Option 2:  Give complete hierarchy node name “like 092777” [without parent node name] and search [it will give correct values and search will be faster] for relevant country codes.

Note: When we are giving only number in Hierarchy node and search, it will try to search all values which are relevant to that number [irrespective of country] and display.

3. In the modeling side we have an option to address this issue as mentioned below:

Default setting of hierarchy attributes [0PROFIT_CTR] was unchecked ” Supress Unassgned nodes”. Hence it is displaying “Not assigned profit Center (s)” also in search parameters of hierarchy in the query.

Because of not assigned profit centers, search is taking long time and displaying other countries.

After modified the hierarchy attributes at Info object level in the backend by selecting ” supress unassigned nodes” search option is fast and reports are working as expected.

Now the queries are narrowed down according to the hierarchy node and search option is working as expected:

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