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Michal’s PI tips: JDBC/JMS driver deployment – now more forceMode=true

JSPM is a new tool for deploying java packages on SAP PI and as it’s a new tool, there are some tricks you need to know to use it. Every PI consultant gets to know JSPM very closely once he needs to get the JDBC/JMS drivers deployed on the PI server and let me quickly describe the typical process:

– first the consultant needs to get the clean file from the server

– then he/she needs to put the appropriate JMS/JDBC drivers to the file

– then he/she submitts the new sda file to the SAP admin which can put it into the appropriate folder to that JSPM can pick it up (as there is not way to pick it up from an client’s computer)

– then it’s very often the case that the file is not visible in the JSPM (hot fixes) and we start wondering why ?

What can we do then ?

There are a few choices:

a) we can try starting JSPM in so called force mode – jsmp/forceMode=true as maybe the version of the sda file is wrong but this requires some additional admin activities (restarting JSPM) which may not always be possible

b) we can try to investigate what the error was

We will go the second way and in order to check what was wrong we need to get the latest scan_inbox_XX.log file. From that file in most cases we can see what happend and in some of them it will clearly be a version issue – we always need to deploy a new version of the driver in order for JSPM to work correctly. This check not only tells us the issue but also suggests what is the version deployed on the server – so we know to which version we need to change in order to have the file deployed.

Now that we know the version deployed we need to change it in our file and we can do that in a matter of minutes. We just need to change two files shown in the picture below.

We need to change the version in 3 places.

Step 1

MANIFEST.MF file – in one place


Step 2

SAP_MANIFEST.MF file – in two places


Now our file should be ready for deployment. 

Hope this simple tutorial will let you save some time while doing the JSPM driver deployment.

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