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Query Validation Using RSRT

Here’s an easy way to validate query results with InfoProvider data.

A lot of time, we would be asked by end-users to validate the query results with the data available in the InfoProvider. This serves the purpose of ensuring that the query has been built as per specifications and also to prove that the data exhibited has undergone all the calculations/restrictions added.

Sometimes when solving issues related to erroneous data, it gets a bit difficult to do all the calculations/restrictions manually. It is even trickier if the said output involves formula variables or ‘constant selection’. Many a times the formula involves the usage of calculated key figures which in turn would involve a restricted key figure or vice versa. This only compounds our efforts to solve the issue.

A conventional way of doing this would be to work out the calculation in the BEx Analyzer output manually.




An easier way of doing it would be to do it through the T-code RSRT. It saves us the effort of doing things manually.

Execute the query that needs to be validated in RSRT with the ‘Query Display’ set to HTML



In the output displayed right-click on the value that needs to be validated and choose ‘Enhanced Menu’.



In the ‘Enhanced Menu’ choose ‘Key Figure Definition’



Each step of the calculation/formula that was executed to arrive at the end result and the result after each step is displayed. All the characteristic filters involved, are also displayed.



The scenario taken here involves a very simple formula. The actual benefit of using this approach can be appreciated when the result involves more complex transformations in the front-end.

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