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SAP BW Data Loading Throughput – Real Large Scale Customer Case

SAP BW Data Loading Throughput  – Real Large Scale Customer Case

Early these year (April 2011) SAP & IBM Walldorf development support teams performed internal performance testing on IBM Power 7 Server with SAP Netweaver BW & POS DM platform. After testing they released article to provide SAP BW data loading throughput rate on their mid-range IBM server. You can find this article from below link

SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse for Point of Sales Data Optimized for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows on IBM Power Systems

By chance I am also working on one big SAP BW customer who is also running a large-scale BW on IBM Power 7 platform. Their BW data loading throughput is far ahead of SAP & IBM announced.


In SAP & IBM internal testing, they built up SAP Netweaver BW 7.0 EhP1  testing environment on IBM Power & server with IBM DB6 V9.7 DPF database environment. The detail architecture is as below:

 IBM P750 Power 7 3.3 GHz server and DS4800 storage are used to build main SAP BW runtime environment.

Application Server:

  • 1 LPAR on the Power 750 ( POWER7@3.3GHz )
  • 10 dedicated CPU cores with SMT4 enabled
  • 32 GB physical memory

 Database Server:

  • 1 LPAR on the Power 750 ( POWER7@3.3GHz )
  • 6 dedicated CPU cores with SMT4 enabled
  • 64 GB physical memory

 Here is detail LPAR configuration for their testing environment.

 Actually there are a lot of detail configuration specifications described in released article. I have made summarization as below:

 Below is detail BW data loading throughput that SAP & IBM reached o their mid-scale BW testing environment:

Honest speaking that is already the amazing results. Loading from R/3 DataSource to BW PSA layer reached 75 million records per hour. Loading from PSA tables to DSO objects reached 206 million records per hour. There are still a lot of BW customers are still struggling to reach 10 million records per hour KPI by reaching consultant partners and SAP global support team.


Then let check how this large-scale BW customer has reached on BW data loading throughput!


This customer is also running SAP Netweaver BW 7.0 EhP 1 on IBM Power 7 (770) servers. Detail hardware configurations as below:

Application Server:

  • 20 LPAR on the Power 770
  • 70  dedicated CPU cores with SMT4 enabled
  • 550 GB physical memory

 Database Server:

  • 6 LPAR on the Power 770
  • 96 dedicated CPU cores with SMT4 enabled
  • 768 GB physical memory
  • 11 DB6 database partitions

 To make it easy, I summarized hardware result in below table.

 Definitely this customer BW implementation is almost 10 times large that SAP & IBM internal testing environment. Then let see the exciting result:




Load to BW PSA


254 mio records/hour

Load from PSA into Business transformation standard DSO


550 mio records/hour

DSO activation


110 mio records/hour

Load from Business transformation DSOs into reporting Cube


218 mio records/hour


With such implementation, SAP Netweaver BW 7.0 EhP1 data loading can reach more than 200 million records per hour for both data extraction and DTP loading processes. The most impressive data loading throughput rate is from PSA to DSO objects loading. BW DSO loading speed already reached 550 million records per hour by fully parallel more than 20 DSO loading DTP processes at same time.


Maybe you still have no idea how fast SAP Netweaver BW7.01 have reached. Then let make comparison examples. Early this year during Oracle boosting its Exadata solution, it used its internal exadata database to load 1 billion records in one hour. Such testing is without any complicated data transformation and purely on in-memory database table level import. In other words, Oracle used in-memory database technology to reach 1000 million records/hour throughputs.


However this SAP customer is still on traditional relational IBM DB6 database with traditional DS4800 storage, but already reached more than 50% of Oracle in-memory database throughput.


SAP BW 7.01 DSO objects activation still be the bottleneck inside whole BW data loading flow. Even this customer have equipped their BW7.01 with unbelievable IBM P770 with huge amount of physical memory and core CPUs, the DSO activation throughput  (110 million per hour) still be on the similar level as SAP & IBM internal testing environment on IBM P750.


I am expecting this customer reached much highly data loading throughput with SAP Netweaver BW730 & BWA720 solution, especially on DSO activation throughput.

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