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My experiences with SIT INDIA

As I was travelling on December 3rd , I could not attend SIT India event. But when I look back at SIT India 2010, I would say it was one of positive thing in my SAP career. I always wanted to attend Teched but for some reason or the other I never could attend. So when I saw a SIT India 2010 blog by Abesh , I thought I would go there and check this event out.

There were lots of positives that I drew and I would like to share some of them.

a) From just being an information seeker, I became an information provider as well. I created a public user profile some time back & have not only consumed information that is available in SAP SDN but also shared my knowledge in SAP CRM area through forums & wiki articles. Since last month I have been very active in SAP SDN have come very close to 250 where I would receive my active contributor badge. (Yeah I am waiting for it anxiously).I actually enjoy this knowledge sharing as I realized that when I answer question on a forum or write a wiki article , important thing is that I get my concepts cleared as I have to think and then write. So the self development goes hand in hand.

b) SAP SDN happens to be a gateway to SAP new Technologies. Most of the information is free and easily accessible. So whether you want to stay tuned to HANA or SAP Gateway this is the place to be in. Sometimes the articles won’t be of your area of expertise but some awareness about latest happening in the SAP ecosystem may help.

When I started on SAP CRM, I went to SAP CRM Wiki and found most of the beginner level material there. I could easily follow them and started with my hands on. After more than a 1 year, I could realize the importance of it. After attending the SIT 2010, all this dawned on me and still I took my own sweet time in creating a new SAP SDN profile and using/contributing to SDN daily.

c) Not only you can read articles by fellow members, you can also follow them on twitter & LinkedIn. This helps in you keeping pace with the latest happenings. I came to know about SIT India because I follow Dipanakar Saha on twitter. That’s my way of keeping in touch with the latest happenings , events etc on social networking. Also you can find out the SAP Gurus in your particular area and go through the articles posted by them. It often helps to read articles from the expert.They touch issues & solutions which they have learned through their experience and often they are pretty useful.

d) I believe events like SIT India are of the community , by the community and for the community. These events always add a new perspective to your thinking. Last year I had a quick discussion on SAP Business by Design on Craig Cmheil and I could understand the marketing strategy of the solution which SAP uses. Also there was a session on SAP Certifications. I was working with SAP Labs back then and did not have much idea of the certifications. SIT events are essentially free and great way to interact on a one to one  basis with SAP mentors and SAP Practioners.

If you did not attend SIT INDIA 2011 not only did you miss above mentioned things but also a voucher from SAP Press. (SAP Press was the sponsor of this particular edition of SIT).

Would see you all at the next edition of SIT India.

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