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My next interactions with my mentor V R Ferose, Managing Director, SAP Labs India

Dear Colleagues,

first of all let me thank all the colleagues who viewed the first My interactions with my mentor V R Ferose, Managing Director, SAP Labs India.

The next time I met my mentor, he asked me to interact with anyone of his 3 direct reportees and mentioned that this way I can get feedback on how others see him, his working style and how he deals with various situations. So I promptly scheduled a meeting with one of his direct reportee. Before I started to ask any questions, I mentioned that whatever information we will discuss will remain confidential in case there is any critical feedback. The colleague mentioned that he/she can not get more critical with me than the way he/she is with Ferose. In fact Ferose has made it mandatory for each of them to give critical feedback for him during their performance talks. First example of 360 degree feedback in SAP that I see. From the moment, this statement was made, I was hooked. For me this was the most memorable take-away among many. Just think about it, what kind of rapport Ferose’s direct reportees share with him to make a statement like that. Think about the amazing working relationship they share, think about the trust they have on each other.

Well, there were other learnings too. Like the way he is execution focussed and the mantra for him seems to be JDI. Confused!! na this is not the JAVA acronym 🙂 . JDI stands for “Just Do It” in this case.

Our next meeting with Ferose was on a lunch. During the lunch he mentioned how it is important to give back to society, how it is important to help others and contribute to the ecosystem we live in. It not only helps the person in need, it also makes us feel good about ourselves and more importantly, makes us a better person.  I will not go into the examples he shared from his life, as I consider it too personal to share on a web media.

There is a very nice book recommended by him “Pay it Forward”. I need to get my hands on this book.

Will share more learnings in my next post. Until then, keep enjoying work.



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  • Really Love your first Blog and yes somehow i believe the same,Life is a Balancing Act. You will get whatever you Give.

    Hey, you also can Check “Pay It Forward” The Movie, based on the same book you are talking about.

    And yes Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Soumojit,
      thanks for your kind words. Ferose did mention about this movie as well. So I need to get my hand either on book or on the movie. Somehow I prefer the book version 🙂