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IT architecture defines the kingmakers’ strategies

In his blog (Good SAP Savvy) Developers are the new Kingmakers Owen Pettiford explains why developers with a strong technical background that know the options being made available to them by SAP can ride to the top on a wave of IT powered innovation.

Similar to one of the most famous kingmakers (Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick) in the wars of the roses, who relied on his commanders (Greek strategós) to win his battles, SAP developers need an IT architecture based strategy to ensure they develop the right solutions, i.e. “what” the right way, i.e. “how”.

One IT architecture framework that will help SAP savvy developers developing the right application right is the capability map SAP’s Networked Solutions team has been working on together with a group of IT architecture partners based on the CORA model.

Here is a sneak preview of the result


Technical Capability Map for Hybrid Landscapes

While this framework is evolving it is already being tested by SAP to define core qualities, i.e. required capabilities, of their own software products. Therefore it seems pretty timely to start thinking about basing any future SAP development on the same foundation.

The advantage of the Capability Map will be that it will provide a generic entry view of a pure capability map, i.e. the architecture of “what” is going to be achieved (most likely derived from a use case supporting “why” to do it) onto views of reference architecture, i.e. “how” to achieve it for specific domains.

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