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The HANA Journey Takes One More Stop at the Influencer Summit

In May 2010 at SAPPHIRE NOW SAP first announced the vision of developing SAP HANA for enabling businesses to operate in real-time. The competition such as Oracle also announced their intent however SAP won the race when it launched SAP HANA on 1 Dec 2010.

Since then, for me working as a HANA marketing team member, 2011 has been a high-speed train ride to showcase not only the power of SAP HANA but more importantly the relevance and reality of SAP HANA with customer use cases. Customers from across the globe presented their experiences with SAP HANA at Sapphire NOW and TechEd events in Orlando, Vegas, Madrid and Beijing and became passionate ambassadors. For example since Red Bull took the stage in Madrid the market gets it that BW on HANA is one of the killer apps. 

As 2011 draws to a close, the ride still has one more stop left as key influencers will meet with SAP executives and HANA customers in Boston next week. They will get an update on SAP HANA strategy for 2012 and the opportunity to get clarity on burning question on topics around roadmap, architecture, developer features, multi-tenancy and application cloud.

In order for you to experience the powerful combination of SAP HANA and Mobility, my colleagues are working on a new scenario for the ExperienceSAPHANA test drive area.  Grab your mobile device and experience being the “Center of Your Universe” as you will be able to freely explore the data about the changing world around you and answer questions such as:  What do you know about your own community?  How are current conditions changing?  Do you need to adapt?

I will be monitoring the tweets #SAPSUMMIT #HANA, #SAPHANA @SAPInMemory to guage the reaction to the conversations regarding SAP HANA at the Influencer Summit. Will you?

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