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SAP Mentor Monday: SAP Technology Overview

As the year is coming to an end many people tend to sit down and reflect on the past months and make plans or new year resolutions. For those of us in IT or more precisely for those of us making a living in the enterprise software business it has been a content-packed year again. Lots of announcement, lots of buzz, lots of information! No doubt about it – technology innovation is a trending topic!

So, why is technology becoming more important again to keep up with innovation cycles? How does the four dimensions OnDemand, OnPremise, OnDevice and in-memory computing impact the way business processes are executed in the enterprise world? And most importantly: “How does it all affect me/my company and what I/we do?

All valid questions! The good thing about it: we are going to find out! As such, it’s my distinct pleasure to announce our upcoming SAP Mentor Monday webinar featuring Peter McNulty.

Matter of fact, the idea for this webinar was born after the SAP Inside Track in St. Louis. Many of the attendees including Jon Reed where so impressed by Peter’s take on explaining SAP’s technology strategy, that they approached him with the idea of sharing this with a broader audience. Your wish is our command! 😉

The Essentials

In this session, we will examine the changing role of IT, and the impact of new technology trends on enterprises in general and the IT landscape more specifically. We will look at four key dimensions of how IT organizations can innovate and deliver new capabilities to drive business outcomes. Within the context of each of these dimensions, we will examine relevant SAP technology platform solutions, including what is available today and their evolution in the near future driven by the cloud, mobility and in-memory trends.

About the Presenter

So, for those of you who don’t know Peter yet, here’s a short bio that Mark Finnern wrote when introducing Peter as one of the Welcome New SAP Mentors Fall 2010:

Peter McNulty SAP USA

Peter works for SAP Labs as a Product Manager for the SAP Web Application Server specializing in development topics. Peter’s areas of coverage include Web Dynpro, Web Services, J2EE, and new ABAP features. Prior to working with the SAP Web Application Server, Peter worked on various technology topics in Financials Product Management. He started off his career at SAP America as an internal ABAP developer and would later manage the Development team. Very active in the SAP Mobile space.

As you can see Peter has quite a diverse background, which allows him to see both: the big picture AND the details. As a regular SAP TechEd speaker (did you know he conducted a whooping 4 sessions in Vegas this year?!?) he’s a great presenter, simply because a) he is passionate about technology and b) he really knows what he’s talking about – and that shows!

With Mark and Aslan as our hosts and the extended wolf-pack in the house… I’m really looking forward to this particular SAP Mentor Monday webinar. So, be there or …

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  • ASUG members also get to attend a webcast on 12/12 at 12:00 (Noon, ET) featuring Peter McNulty on the topic of Process Visibility, Monitoring, and Analytics for Suite Core Processes.
    Thanks for giving me the chance to ‘pimp’ this webcast 🙂
  • The original version of Peter’s presentation was received at our event in St. Louis.  I would strongly recommend that everyone check out this webinar.

    Our session in St. Louis was a virtual broadcast by Peter and I can tell you the entire audience(50 people) in our room was completely focused on the presentation during the entire time.  So make sure you set time aside and listen.  You won’t want to multi-task during this one.

    Take care,


  • I would recommend Peter McNulty’s sessions to anyone, even if the topic is not in your area.

    As Matthias said: “a) he is passionate about technology and b) he really knows what he’s talking about – and that shows!”
    I would add:
    c) Peter is quite generous about sharing his time and knowledge.  He regularly calls me to offer content presentation opportunities.
    d) You’d have to be an ASUG volunteer to appreciate all that Peter brings to our community 😉


  • Peter really is an awesome presenter
    He always gives it his all

    He has been a great SAP point of contact to ASUG.

    I was able to attend the SAP Inside Track Chicago presentation he gave and it was outstanding!
    Thank you for the write-up!

    • Sure, as youc an probably tell, I have a lot of respect for Peter myself and he’s also a “classmate” (SAP Mentors Fall 2010).

      See you next monday! 😉

  • Hi Sue, Tammy, Stephen and Jim,

    thanks for all the positive feedback. It sure got obvious by my blog that me personally I do have lots of respect for Peter myself. Yet, given we are SAP Mentor classmates it’s good to have others join in the praise for Peter and hearing you recommending this and other of his for the session!

    See you next week!