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Call Custom Transaction from Custom BO embedded in Work item Objects

We created a custom BO and the corresponding custom workflow for the same. Everything was working fine. The work item was having Business object embedded as an attachment. The requirement was to call the custom Tcode when user clicks on it. I have seen it in case of standard BO it was happening but in my case it was not.  So from here starts the investigation for why it was not happening in our case.

I noted in SWO1 whenever we create a custom BO without any reference or super type there are always two methods created by default one is EXISTENCECHECK and other is Display but they are in red. Idea came and i put a break point in display.

Bingo when I double clicked the object it was going to the debugger and stopping. So first step is over got to know how it was happening.

Next step was to write my own code there. But to my surprise it did not allow me. Google it and found that methods can be redefined also. If go in Edit there is an option to redefine it according to our own needs. I tried the same and it worked. Now i was able to write my own code and can perform operations.

So thought of sharing it with you guys, Let me know in case we have any other better options for the same.

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