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BusinessObjects Data Services Framework, Standards and Guidelines – Intro

BusinessObjects Data Services  Framework, Standards and Guidelines – Intro

Ensuring you have a proper common Data Services framework in place, complete with standards and guidelines is the single most important factor on the potential success or failure of your BODS projects.

This is a 10 part mini series that will focus on an “Enterprise BusinessOjbects Data Services Framework”.  Each part will focus on a specific component within the framework.  Code examples and documentation for each component will be released as we go.  The initial release will be targeted for a Windows job server, and MS SQL framework database. 

You will be faced with many decisions when designing the Enterprise Data Services framework.  I have broken key decisions into 10 parts, hence the 10 part series. 


1 – What is a BusinessObjects Data Serivces Framework?

2 – Data Model

3 – Logging

4 – Error Handling

5 – Exception Handling

6 – File handling

7 – Restart and Recovery

8 – Notification

9 – Standards and Guidelines

10 – Reporting

If you have additional ideas or recommendations then please speak up and don’t hesitate to voice your comments.

Moving ahead with Data Services jobs without a common framework in place is like driving on streets with no names.   If you break down how will you tell someone where you are?  How will you know where you have been or where you are going?  How will you know how long it will take to get there.


Stay tuned for part 1……

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