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Bilafer’s BHAG: EcoHub is Where the Growth Is

In my last post, the first of a three-part series about SAP EcoHub, our online marketplace, I talked about EcoHub as a venue for our partners to market their products built on SAP as a platform. Setting up a storefront for your product on EcoHub lets you tap into the SAP community and all the resources SAP is putting into building and promoting our online marketplace.


We’ve really only just begun with EcoHub, but we see it becoming part of ours and our customers’ DNA. We see it as THE place for partners to leverage their own SAP and domain-specific expertise, as well as dip into what other partners have to offer.


But let’s take a step back and look at why we think EcoHub has such strategic importance for SAP, and our partners.


Everyone knows more people than ever are researching and making buying decisions online. We’re all doing it at home, for everything from cars to collectibles to cruises, and we’re increasingly doing it at work too. According to Imran Khan, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs writing in the Nothing But Net 2011 Internet Investment Guide, worldwide e-commerce sales are growing at a rate of 19.4% and will hit $963 billion by 2013.


Now, that’s a pretty amazing growth rate, but does that really apply to enterprise software? For whole products, we believe the answer is yes.


Consider these trends:  An enterprise storage study from Yankee Group in 2008 projected that the amount of data in storage will double every 18 months. Research from J. Gold Associates that same year showed a 43% annual growth rate in corporate applications accessed from smart phones. And, we know that 80% of new software offerings this year will be available as cloud services. What it all adds up to:  business people need to make sense of huge amounts of data, and they want to be able do it on demand, anywhere.


This is where the growth is. This is why we need you to help us develop these products. Much like a consumer app, these are whole products intended to start adding value on download. We’re building EcoHub to be your app store. Chances are your customers and prospects are already coming here to look at solutions. So join us!

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