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What is a business object in SAP Business ByDesign good for?

What is it?

Wikipedia says about the business object: A business object is a type of an intelligible entity being an actor inside the business layer in an n-layered architecture of object-oriented computer programs.

What is this ‘actor inside the business layer’ in SAP Business ByDesign? The business object is the fundamental technical object behind the screens in Business ByDesign and represents most of the times a business transaction document.

It consists of several entities. It has hierarchically structured nodes with attributes. There are associations to the nodes and actions. For example the business object ‘sales order’ has nodes for items with attributes of quantity and price. The sales order has the standard actions like ‘create’ or ’release’ together with special actions like ‘block invoicing’.

What can you do with it?

Key users can extend business objects using the field extensibility key user tool. For example, you can extend the sales order business object by a contract ID. You can take this field across documents along a process. For example the sales contract ID can be used along the order to cash process.

When using SAP Business ByDesign studio, the development environment of ByDesign, partner developers can access and consume the business objects of the ByDesign platform and build new applications on top of it. In this way, the SAP Business ByDesign platform is a comprehensive repository to build new OnDemand Apps.

To reduce complexity and to give a stable environment, only those entities of the business object that are released in the so-called public solution model can be accessed and consumed by developers from partner companies.

In general, you can read business object instances, create new, update existing or use associations to existing instances. The business objects are quite flexible and complex, a business object may have several thousand entities. By building new business objects and using the existing business objects of the SAP Business ByDesign platform new processes and business problems can be addressed.

Check it out

The results of such developments are published by partners as add-ons on the SAP Store:

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