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Author's profile photo Kumud Singh

Opportunity once missed does not come back until 2012

~80 – ~50 did not miss Just the SIT.

Before I clarify the topic let me talk about some of the work unnoticed by the community members for making SIT India happen.

SAP Inside Track India 2011 started with Dipankar talking about the event in his blog SAP Inside Track India – Lets make it happen! .

I am sure he himself would not have anticipated the grand success until he realized one.Behind the scenes, were some amazing hard and Smart work involved which very well showed up in the event. From what could be noticed little explicitly by me was active involvement of Abesh, Jim and no doubt Dipankar and Somnath. I am sure many others were involved though.

One of the awakening tweet by Abesh.

As a member I wanted to volunteer to take up some work and I am glad I was given some Wiki editing job and mailing business to participants. Not to mention, godfathers were monitoring that as well.I talked to Dipankar and I could feel the excitement to make it happen. I came to know that Somnath was having a hectic schedule at his work and still managing to make SIT Bangalore. 

So how did we make it Big?

Just one attribute – Passion. Passionate community members which includes  participants , presenters , organizers and facilitators. Don’t forget Passion always remains mixed with Humour and chirpiness.


image image

So if you are one of those who missed/did not attend SIT India, the explicit facts you missed are clearly highlighted SAP Inside Track India 2011 – We have made it large!.

Did you miss only these, Sorry.

You missed the chance to meet some of the amazing self-motivated personalities there. You missed the feel to get into the positive energy flowing in the campus at SAP Labs there. Also if you are one of those complaining about not getting right people around you, you might have to do the same until 2012.


[Somnath showing milestones achieved at SCN]

You might have missed the sparkle / inquisitiveness which might have aroused within you after attending sessions. You missed the chance to explore different options at your disposal.


So how am I saying this? Many attendees asked me questions during lunch like “Who are SAP Mentors” , “Are they only from SAP”, “ What’s SCN and SDN”. Ok, at first instance it might appear naïve questions but they were discussed because they got triggered after sessions. There were discussions at tea around Code Exchange and HTML5.

And then now I see many people all gearing up to take that extra step to keep them going up.


Better answer on SAP Mentors can be found in a blog by Mark Finnern Culture Jamming SAP.

If you are to make your first move with blogs in terms of sharing your experience,I would suggest there are many blogs/wiki material available in SCN. Latest blog I have read for this is from Jim Spath Bloggers: “Write Frankly And Fearlessly, But …” . I am sharing this as there were questions as how to start blogging.

And then you also missed some smilies.

The after effects were shown in twitter as well by a participant as .

Moments that need a mention are:

  • After the session of “Have we made it large” , participant M.Srihari asked this question “Documentations available for MDM/MDG related aspects are not sufficient”.An SAP employee has lots of documentation available at his exposure compared to a non-SAP employee.Lot of answered poured in with the resolution – he can express his views in a blog and raise the concern. I even suggested that if he has an idea he can post that at Idea place in SCN. Hopefully we will see some progress from him on this front.
  • Thoughtful question was asked by Romit as to ‘How can an Individual get a mentor’?This question was first misunderstood by Somnath as “ How does one become a mentor”.After getting insight of that, the question was reiterated for which Somnath did give a beautiful answer stating that being in contact and regular communication is required for any kind of mentoring. I even added that it’s not necessary for one to be SAP Mentor to act as a mentor to someone else.
  • Session on HANA was battered, shattered, smashed and quashed with questions pouring in from different perspectives. I am sure, there were many who got overview of HANA for the first time. At least they got it. Kudos to the speaker who handled it peacefully and wonderfully.


Some confusions:

  • I heard one of my friends talking that these sessions are more oriented towards developers. I don’t know how I answer this. If I look at the topic session barring mine and Jim, HANA , Beyond buzzwords, QGM and ChaRM integration were generic. Also code exchange projects and Next generation ABAP HTML5 were taken in a way that everyone could get the overview.
  • I understood that few participants were not aware of the agenda of the event and they realized the charm only after attending them. I was even asked if it was published somewhere. I directed them to Wiki.
  • Good that not many did get their laptop as there was great scarcity of sockets in the room.  (No complains here)
  • We had some amazing remote presentations but audio could be clearer. (I am not complaining again). When I say this, it does not mean that attendees had difficulty understanding the session but it could be better.


SAP Press Books

  There were three books kept on display. I eyed them since the beginning. We were said lucky draw will decide the winners. But session presenters were given books too.



We had the lucky winner there!




Spotlight – Principal

Ok, so if you are one of those who did not attend SIT India , I would say you missed the chance to cherish the school days as Our Mentor Somnath Manna had taken the perfect avatar of Principal Somnath Manna. In order to keep the schedule going as per the planned agenda he was planning to cut all our tea breaks. Not only this but also before sending participants for lunch he said “Quick Lunch”. Good that it was not implemented. We did get sufficient time to network with people. Next time we meet, I suggest Viru Sahastre Buddhe award would suit him better!

image image

So if you were not there you will have to wait to understand the concept of ‘Like Minded People’.


Thanks Giving Section:

 Apart from people I always mention in this section (implicitly included) , I would like to thank Jyothi Prakash as he not only helped me while preparing my session but also kept up the momentum within the team for SIT.

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      Author's profile photo Vijay Simha
      Vijay Simha
      Hi Everyone, who attended and made this SIT Inida,2011 success.. and we'll made this more large.

      Really, Opportunity once missed in 2011 does not come back until 2012. This is correct, I feel this if i missed now. As of this is my first attendence. I met a group of people from same community and learnt a lot with this session and I'll try to attend this again to make my self success.. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Mohammed wasim Raza
      Mohammed wasim Raza
      Hi Kumud,

      I think I was one of them who had the idea that it was more developer oriented. However, I had a great day!
      Thanks for writing this!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi ,

      First of all i will like to congratulate and thank the complete team for arranging such a fantastic event .

      It has been very rightly said in the blog that the opportunity missed will not come before 2012 . (even i felt the same when i was forced to leave sit midway due to some personal commitments) , Any ways it was great in between some great SAP enthusiasts.

      I too agree on the point that it was much more of a developer thing , but being in SAP even a functional can't run far away from tech jargons and technological innovations.

      All together a very well executed event and a very well expressed blog .. Looking forward ..... .


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Honestly speaking, one of the  important reasons for I had come there was I wanted to visit SAP India.Might sound funny but I was very excited and wanted to visit the only company which organizes these amazing events.I being a new born baby into the ABAP development industry had a  thought that I wouldn't be able to understand the very advanced topics in the event but they weren't that difficult as I expected. The presentors made the sessions interesting. As Somnath said, have got some idea about all the buzz words discussed there which is far better than I have never heard about them. Would say it is a real good start for me..!! I would like to thank Keane for making me a part of the SAP Deployments team working with ABAP which enhanced my interest towards the event and a special thanks to Kumud who let us all know about the same.Keep going and I would like to thank each and every individual who were responsible for organizing the wonderful event.Good Luck..!!:)
      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      I am glad I was able to attend remotely and thank everyone involved.  It was an awesome event to attend.