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Finally we did it!Ten Easiest ways to fix CCMS auto reaction alerts failure

Ten Easiest ways to fix CCMS auto reaction alerts failure

We have recently done SAP implementation for one domestic client, and I have handled the part of basic settings in the solution manager. It is Solution manager 7.0 EHP 1 version. I was successfully done  Solman_setUp, early watch report, Mopz configuration . It is the very small landscape I proposed to use the CCMS central system monitoring functionality available in Solman for proactive monitoring of their landscape as the first phase. Later we planned to move ChaRM, Service desk and more functionality of Solman.

When we got approval from client for CCMS central system monitoring, I was so happy and started to do the entire setups one by one carefully, we did installation of all the ccms agents, defined own monitor sets, and monitor. As part of this I would like to proceed with CCMS auto reaction alerts functionality available in Solution Manager.

I have followed below help. sap for this and before that I have enabled the scot functionality in my solution manager system

After the configuration alerts are not getting triggered and hit my mail box. I would like to share what are the steps we followed to fix this issue by this blog. I hope this must helpful for the people who really stuck like me in future.            

1.   Check Sender details in your own customized auto reaction method, the sender details should be upper case and it must be configured in client 000, because the local auto reaction is triggered by the Autoabap dispatcher, which always run in client 000 and the e-mails will be send in this client.


2. Check the Recipient Type ID should be one of the below

B      SAP user name

C      General distribution list

U      E-mail address (Internet address)

R      Remote mail addrees

3.   We chosen the recipient type as C, since we have central distribution list, later we realized we missed the other one important thing, you must configure the sender and receiver should be in the same client where the job SAP_CCMS_CENSYS_DISPATCHER is running, because emails will be send in the same client of this job.

4.     Create manually one alert for create a new alert for one of the monitoring nodes on the satellite system for which a Central Auto-reaction is assigned, and check the alert status will be ACTION_REQUIRED, if you find other status then check the errors in the sapccm4x.log

5.     Do check in Transaction “RZ21>Topology>Agents for remote systems”, for all agents the status should be ONLINE and correct ‘Responsible server’ should be reported (no <OTHER CEN  SYSTEM>).

6.     Do check the in the transaction “RZ20 ->SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors ->Self monitoring ccms Agents”, the agent is 100% Available and if the latest agent patch version is used.

2 (1).JPG

7.     If the alert status is Action Required then, your ccms agent is fine, will send the alert information to the CEN system and store this information in the table CSMCENTOOL and the agent will trigger the event SAP_CSM_TRIGGER_CENSYS_DISPATCH, this event starts the batch job as SAP_CCMS_CENSYS_DISPATCHER. The background job SAP_CCMS_CENSYS_DISPATCHER will execute the Central Auto reaction method on the CEN system and when this is done successfully it will change the status of the alert to ACTIVE and it will delete the entry in the table CSMCENTOOL. So check the status of the job SAP_CSM_TRIGGER_CENSYS_DISPATCH, whether completed successfully. If not check the logs.

8.     In  RZ20 choose your own customized monitor set -> view -> status of auto reaction, if you have any fatal error then try to reactivate the corresponding MTE’s by  activating maintenance function then Edit -> Nodes (MTEs) -> Reset

9.    And do we checked other way, in RZ20-> ->SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors->CCMS Self monitoring–> <SYSTEM> –> CCMS_Selfmonitoring –> Tool dispatching (long running tasks), here we saw there are lots of messages with the status of with the status “Waiting for…”., we drill down to this and get the error message as “User SOLMAN_BTC is not authorized to start methods”.


10.   Finally we assigned the needed access (role SAP_SM_BATCH) to the user Solman_BTC by refering the sap note ote 1314587 – User SOLMAN_BTC missing authorization.

Above 10 points are in the nutshell to fix the CCMS Auto reaction Email failures.

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