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Problem Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Service Desk is being used for a long time to provide the support for internal team members of a partner who is implementing a SAP Project Implementation at any customer site as well after GO Live Support.

Also, it is used to connect to SAP also by raising OSS messages.

Now in Solution Manager 7.1 we can raise support message in the form of incidents in the new Web gui interface which replaces previous CRM transactional interface and new transaction type SMIN is replacing the Service Message SLFN.

Apart from this now we have a new feature called as Problem Message which are created to provide a faster resolution for the problem which user is facing.

What are Problem Messages ?

When a support team member in solution manager notices the same type of problems occuring and getting reported in the form of several incidents Support Team can attach all these incidents to a common problem and raise a problem message.

What are the advantages for using the Problem message ?

  1. We can create task from the same
  2. We can create knowledge articles
  3. We can go for Change Management or Request for change creation
  4. Speeder resolution and answer will be available to all the incidents at once because support employee locks the incident and saves time while resolving only one problem message.

Where and how they can be accessed ?

In solman_workcenter transaction code they can be accessed as shown below.

Click on IT Service Management link

 Solman_workcenter  Incident Management

 Click on Problem to and New button to create a new one.

Problem Message Creation

We can see above the Problem Message creation screen.Moreover the Relation Transaction area will have the incidents attached to it.

Hope the above weblog helped you to understand the new feature and its usage other details we try to explore in future in another weblog.

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  • Hi Prakhar,
    This functionality is one of the great new features of SolMan 7.1 for IT Service Management users in my point of view. My customers always missed that when comparing Solution Manager to other ITIL-compliant tools. Having only Incident and Change was not enough, the concept of Problem was missing and needed to be manually customized.
    How was your customers experience by now? Have any of them started to use Knowledge Articles instead of the old Solution Database for saving the errors/solutions for fast resolution?

    Kind regards,