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Who would benefit from a Service Request mobile app?

SAP Citizen Connect started as a convenient app for citizens to report nuisances in the public realm, yet it may be just the right tool for your organization to start its mobile journey lightweight. The enterprise connection add-on for the app only requires NW Gateway. The app itself uses smart phone features camera and GPS, allows users to categorize submissions and to add a more detailed description. Users can check for status updates.

Organizations who take advantage of this app improve manifold:

  • Mobile self-services drive down cost. Among the channels for interaction with constituents, like phone, mail, email, personal contact, the mobile access channel with apps and SMS is the least costly and often the most convenient one for both sides, available for self-service any time, any place. 
  • Automation improves service levels. Business suite-integrated mobile apps enable process automation, which in turn allows for streamlining and accelerating entire business processes. Process improvements not only drive productivity, they also contribute to achieving higher levels of user satisfaction.
  • Flexibility forsters responsiveness. As customers can flexibly define in their Business Suite applications, what categories are available in the mobile app, they can quickly react upon events, like inclement weather, traffic, etc. and provide for their constituents.  

All SAP customers running ERP 6 or CRM 7.01 (or more recent EhP) may take advantage of  an easily implemented add-on and quick customizing, tying into tried and true, flexible business objects you may already be using, ERP notifications or CRM cases.      

Local governments  use this app with their citizens, and configure categories like e.g. potholes and graffiti, trash and debris, broken street lights or broken equipment on playgrounds, safety concerns, storm and flood damage, suspicious observations.

Enterprises may use this app with their employees, e.g. to quickly report issues to facility management. In buildings with wireless networks, users would capture pictures of broken lights, malfunctioning equipment or furniture. Picture and GPS data may help facility management to automatically determine affected assets and a remedy. Typical categories are broken lights, damaged furniture, equipment failure, power outage, heating, cooling, ventilation, cleaning requests, restocking of bathroom towels etc.

Many enterprises have outside facilities, too. Inclement weather may flood parking lots, storms might damage trees or the car fleet, merchandise stored outside, etc. Employees will often be the first to spot these damages or threats. With an app in their hands they can alert you early on and help you avoid more costly damages.

Use this app towards your suppliers to report deficient deliveries back to them.

Use it with your customers and have them report deficient items back to you. Reward them using a loyalty app (check out the one in the Eco Hub).

Ask your sales representative for a live demo of the app with integrated Suite system. Check out SAP mobile apps on the EcoHub. Download the SAP Citizen Connect iPhone app here. Users who looked for organization internal apps to report issues also looked at the SAP ERP Quality Issue app.  

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