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Reconciliation Production analysis for an order: Target Vs Actual between

I will walk you through the detailed reconciliation analysis for comparing the SAP ECC table data being the source data with BW data by using the query Production analysis: Plan vs. Actual with target as Infocube with technical name as 0PC_01.

Datasource: 0CO_PC_01 with description (Product Cost by Order/Period: Plan/Actual Costs).  This datasource supplies the plan costs and actual cost at the level of material or plants.

Name of standard Infocube: 0PC_C01

Now, I am creating a Infopackage from the datasource 0CO_PC_01 to load the data into the PSA. In the infopackage choose data selection tab and input the following data where Order = xxxxx and Plant = xxxx and schedule the data in infopackage using the tab scheduled.

After loading the data into PSA create a transformation and DTP between the datasource 0CO_PC_01 to 0PC_C01 Infocube which will load the data to Infocube 0PC_C01. After sucessfully loading the data into Infocube 0PC_C01 we will create a BEx query from the Query designer on top of Infocube 0PC_C01 with technical name as Z250578_COPC description as “Production analysis for an order: Fixed vs. Variable“.


We will log in to SAP ECC source table AUFK, COSB and the T.code C0R3 in SAP ECC system and verify that data in source table AUFK, COSB is matching with SAP BW Infocube 0PC_C01 in target system.

Source system: SAP ECC

Go to table AUFK, input order no= XXXX and press enter

The following entries will appear in the AUFK output screen. They are shown as below;

1.Object number =xxxx. Copy this object number and,

Now go to the table COSP in SAP ECC system and input the following

2. Object no=xxxx(value taken from AUFK table)  with value type =01 and press enter.

3. Now, we can see the field “variable currency= XXX EUR” in the ECC table COSP.

4. Go to the T.code COR3 from ECC system and input process order =xxxxx and press enter.

4. In the T.code COR3, in the tab ‘Goto’ select the drill down option cost—>analysis and press enter. The screen appears with cost element and the relevant order number with target and actual figures with currency.

5. From the T.code COR3, the source table AUFK and COSB in SAP ECC the data will match in Infocube 0PC_C01 and the BEx query with technical name Z250578_COPC description as “Production analysis for an order: Fixed Vs Variable in BW Target system.

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