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Announcing SAP Community Network Member of the Month Program

In conjunction with the launch of the new SCN platform, we will begin a program called Member of the Month (MoM).  This program replaces the Mentor of the Month program, opening this recognition to the full breadth of the community.  The program will be managed by Laure Cetin, as part of her responsibilities for points and recognition.

How will it work?

Each month we will collect nominations from Space Editors (previously known as Content Area Managers) and Moderators.  The Collaboration team will determine the winner during the last week of each month, and will post a blog feature that includes the MoM photo and a write up about their contributions to the community.  There will also be a “Hall of Fame” for MoMs where we archive the posts so that people can go back and review prior winners.

So what does it take to be Member of the Month?  These criteria have been established by the Collaboration Team:

  • Exemplifies a willing attitude to help others achieve their goals
  • Openly shares knowledge with the community at large
  • Takes on additional tasks to support community engagement
  • Participates in (virtual or face-to-face) events to help make them more successful
  • Proactively and regularly contributes to community-based programs and day-to-day interactions
  • Encourages others to be active in the community

So, who will be our first-ever Member of the Month???

Be sure to sign in to the new SCN coming in early 2012 and view the first winner of this prestigious award!

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  • Nice to know , Really interested to see the reputed members…. Thanks to SCN the way they are trying to make sure that teh contributors wont loose hope and interest in participating and contributing to the comunity….

    ooo la la

      • Hi Jeanne,

        I have read about this program today only, was wondering what is the basis of selection.

        This is 1 person from across SCN communities or will be for every community.

        Your input will be great value addition.



  • I have read so many good blogs.  I have seen a lot of people helping others.  I have seen a lot of members organizing SAP Inside Tracks…

    I really feel bad for the judges.  They will have a very hard time deciding who is the the Network Member of the Month.  

    I will be here 12/12 to find out who is the first Member of the Month.



    • Hi Michelle,

      You are right to feel sorry for the judges. So many outstanding members to choose from!  Just so you know, moderators will be the judges starting in January 2012, since they are the ones with the most visibility at the individual member level. 

      See you (virtually) on the 12th!


  • I think it would be nice to announce nominations before the SCN actually announces MOM. As it would help to keep the spirits up for the top 5 contributors of month to continue their valuable contribution and also keep the entire community to know who is the MOM.

    Thanks for this excellent idea to give MOM. I wish i get one soon 🙂 excited about new SCN, especially with these new add-ons 🙂