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Service Desk Configuration

A Short Note On Service Desk Configuration




When we install Solution Manager, it will create a client eg: 001. For service desk configuration , create a new client 100 and copy the client 001 to new client.


Steps To Configure Service Desk


  1. Activate      Solution manager Services


    TCODE      : SICF

           If the service is grayed out, activate it. And activate all the services related to service desk.


  1. Activate      Solution Manager BC Sets


    TCODE      : SCPO20


  2. Fetching      SAP Components


    TCODE      : DSWP




           → Get SAP      Components


    This      will transfer all SAP components from front end to Solution Manager


  3. Assign      Number Range For ABA Notifications


    TCODE:      DNO_CUST01


    Select      Type ‘SLF1’


                Go To



        →                Details

        Put                Internal Number Range = 01

  1. Assign      Number Range For Service Desk Messages.


    TCODE      : SPRO


         → SAP      Solution Manager Implementation Guide       


               → SAP      Solution Manager


                   → Basic      Settings


                      → SAP      Solution Manager System       

                → Service Desk

                    → Number Ranges for Notifications. Then press the execute icon next to text.


     Select Transaction Type : SLFN


          → Goto

              → Details . Ant enter the below values.

                   Internal Number Range = 01

                   External Number Range = 02. Save it.


  1.      Configuring      ABA Messages


         TCODE      : DNO_CUST01

        •                      Select                     Notification Type : SLF1


    •                                                         Goto

  •                               → Details

        •                      Select                     Field NO_USER_CHECK


                              Go                     to


                                                        → Details


                                                             Field Value                     = X  and Save it.                      


      •                                                  Put                the Action Profile = SLFN0001_STANDARD_DNO and Save it.

  1.      Generate      Business Partners


         TCODE      : BUSP


         Fill      the field values,


                     Client Name = Name      of client


                     Screen =  *


                     Generate all      screens = All Screens


  2.      Create      Message Processors


         TCODE      : BP


         Menu      → Business Partner



          →                     Create                     → Partner                          

                              Address                     Tab : Enter the address

          Identification                     Tab → Employee Data → Enter USER ID and save it.                                                                 


         For      more users repeat the same steps.


  3.       Create      Organizational Business Partners


    TCODE      : BP


         Menu      → Business Partner



                              →                     Create →                     Organization                      

     Choose Role : Sold-To-Party

     Address Tab : Enter the Address

          Click on ‘Sales Area Data’ button

               Sales Organization = Sales

     Sales Tab :Enter the value as

          Customer-Group 1 = SOL_CUSTOMERGROUP





  1.      Define      the service desk definition in the solution manager system


         TCODE      : SPRO


    → SAP Solution Manager      Implementation Guide       



                                                  → SAP Solution Manager                 

                                  →                Basic Settings                 

                                                       → SAP Solution Manager System                 

                                       →                Service Desk  . Then Press the Execute Button

     Check whether application OSS_MSG exists or not. If not create it.

     New Entries →

     Application       :      OSS_MSG

     +            :     W

     RFC Destination   :      NONE

     +             :      CUST620

  1.      Schedule      Background Jobs in Solution Manager


         TCODE      : SM36


         Enter      the following values:


         Job      Name     :     SOLMAN_ISSUE_STATUS_REFRESH


         Job      Class     : C


         Click      on ‘Step’ button.

     Enter the following values in the next screen and save it.


     Variant     :SAP&ISSUES

     Language     :EN

  1.      Define      Service Desk Definition in Satellite Systems


         Login      to Satellite system.


         TCODE      : SM30


         Table/View      = BCOS_CUST and      click on Maintain Button.


         Then      Next screen will appearwith no entries. In that screen RFC      Destination should be point to the Solution Manager Destination RFC.


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