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Humor@SAP Some terms you learn as a beginner

Well, finally I am  writing my first blog . Still thinking whether will it move for approval from my Drafts box ?  When you see , it would have been approved ….hurray . Let’s come to point now , as i have mentioned this Blog in Beginners category i have no enough liberty to deviate(Performance as a beginner counts if i do not perform well ….i am out of blogging ).. .I will talk about my experience with ABAP application development . This blog is is purely intended for reading pleasure and believe me if you gain any knowledge out of it my efforts will be futile .

Few Ironic words you would have gone through to become an ABAPer .

ABAP : Are(Oh)  BAP(Father)  (Are and BAP are Hindi words..This is what we used to call ABAP during our training days ).In college we were learning  a few programming languages every semester and with that background i was confident that ABAP will be no different. Myths (created by my senior’s in college) started to shatter one by one .

Enhancement : It was new . well quite new ..we never thought we will get the liberty to enhance a product ( Felt like being in product development).The bad habit fetched us so far that we were making every possible/futile attempt to find  bug with transaction and post it to SDN/Service market place  .

Table names :(Here i used to have an expert opinion)  MARA(In Hindi mara means “you hit somebody”) /MARC.. could’nt they make anything less complex than this like table material and material_plant , come on ABAP is 4GL . The table names should say what they contain who will think that MARA contains parts ?

ABAP Objects : ABAP objects learning, despite of having OOPS!!  knowledge from college was not  helpful at all. Why?  Well …we have a transaction here to create class defn(Oh then why can’t  we have a tool to instantiate an Object ? I mean transaction to instantiate an object). We know  that there are two types of developer in ABAP (object oriented / Not so object orinted(Understood the Object oriented capabilities of a Function group during preperation of certification exam) and there is a something common in  them . Both want to be master in ABAP object(Dreams are Dreams ).We were no different and this made us put classes and methods  deliberately at every single oppurtunity( Like while creating selection screen of a Report) .

Internal table: What is this Sir ? Table is a table, It has rows and colums and they get created viaSE11 . Why are we  creating them in program ? Okey,  agreed in program we use it to hold run time data ..Alas!  you can create global internal table as well in SE11 (Table types) , it took a while to understand the difference and use.

Need to stop. I know you Guys have many more stories  to share as  comment here (offcourse only  if you have read through my blog and came upto last line )

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