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Future of SAP SRM ?

SAP SRM is offering wide range of functionalities. Many SRM 7.0 Implementations are in progress since SRM7.0 went on general availability; few are completed, some in pipe line. Many customers implement SRM for Self Service Procurement Business Scenario (don’t have numbers J ). Some Customers do have mobile apps for approvals in SRM.

When I was going through some of the new functionalities as part of Enhancement Package 6 for ERP, I am surprised to see a Business Function in MM to support Self Service Procurement.  By incorporating within ECC environment, SAP is planning to reduce the TCO for the Customer as well as reduce the IT complexity involved. The approval workflows are based on BRFPlus. We can expect few restrictions on ECC version Self Service Procurement atleast in the initial version. Some customers are choosing On demand sourcing applications for sourcing functionality. On the other hand, how many customers will still prefer SRM for self Service Procurement? So, it will be interesting to see what will happen in SRM space in the future…

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  • I’ll tell you what the future of SRM is, and the future of CRM / PLM / SCM at the same time. They will be bundled in with the ECC 6.0 ERP product the same way SEM was. BW probably also once HANA gets going. SAP started by taking those differnt areas of business and putting them into one system. Then they thought let us split them up again. The only reason SAP split it’s core product into six was to get six times more money, which worked well for a while, but not forever.
    • Hi Paul,

      great to see you contributing here. Can’t argue with anything you have said. You reminded me of a tweet I posted a few weeks back in response to the question “What products should SAP kill?”. y answer was “My vote goes to CRM & SRM. These are things ERP should just do.”

      Graham RObbo