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Business Cloud Summit 2011 in London : SOLD OUT!

So Business Cloud Summit 2011 is happening in London on Monday the 5thDecember and it’s sold out. Just shows what a hot topic Cloud computing is and I’m really looking forward to being there. SAP has asked me to attend and provide write-ups and a blog on the various forums.


I have to admit that when I heard I was covering the technical stream I had my reservations. I did flirt with software development more years ago than I care to remember, when screens were green, mice were household pests and everything ran on one big IBM mainframe. But creating high-level process flow diagrams and screen layouts on graph paper, for someone else to code in COBOL, is a far cry from today’s highly sophisticated development kits like SAP Business ByDesign Studio.


Nonetheless, technology still fascinates me and the particularly interesting aspect of the summit is that it isn’t a whole series of potentially dry presentations. Instead, each topic is covered by a panel discussion and the panel consists of a combination of thought leaders, consultants and practitioners.


So I’m expecting to hear some very practical ideas about how the Cloud can be used to deliver infrastructure and platform as a service, as well as when, why and how companies are using public, private and hybrid Cloud models and the ins and outs of a real Cloud development project.


Having been around for a while, I’ve witnessed the evolution of IT from mainframe to client-server, desktops to virtualization and now Cloud. Each step in the evolutionary chain has instigated fundamental changes in how IT is used and the benefits it brings. So I will be particularly interested in the ‘Cloud – The Next Generation’ forum, which will look at how the cloud is re-inventing and empowering third-party developers. As I understand it extending Cloud solutions like SAP Business ByDesign offer solution developers a whole range of new opportunities.


And the final forums of the day – security and standards? I’m told security is one biggest reasons people shy away from using cloud applications, so it will be interesting to hear what the panelists have to say, particularly when one of them is from a major police force! As for standards, it seems to me they will make or break Cloud adoption. No-one wants to get stuck with the Betamax of cloud solutions!!!!


This will be one exciting event – if you aren’t attending, watch this space for a summary of the key points.


Follow the event on Twitter – @BusinessCloud9, @SAPByDesign and the #tag #BCS11.

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