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SAP communities ROCK!


What could possibly motivate 70+ people to come together on a Saturday in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)?

Was it to:

  • Share passion with 70+ geeks and peers?
  • Exchange business cards from 30+ different companies?
  • Attend one of the 14 expert sessions?
  • Meet with one the 11 (!) SAP Mentors?
  • Shake hands with one the 5 DemoJam heroes?
  • Enjoy Mrs. Penninkhof’s dinner?


It was, of course, all of the above 😉 And it was a blast; the third SAP Inside Track in the Netherlands proved once again that the SAP community rocks!


Still not convinced? Two tweets sure worth mentioning:

@SAPCIO (view tweet)

Great #sitnlevent! Thanks to @CIBERnl @tbroek @jpenninkhof @fredverheul @steinermatt @wolf_gregor @Qmacro @JanLaros et al

@_bgoerke (view tweet)

RT “@steinermatt: @_bgoerke good to know you’re listening and following us here at #sitnl” – well, it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it ;-)?


Welcome and opening

Twan van den Broek

Welcome prezi

SAP TechEd 10 years ago and now


Picture by Gregor Wolf

Overview of SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Fred Verheul




All about SAP Security EXCEPT authorizations

Joris van de Vis




DUET Enterprise showcase

Pim de Wit, William van Strien




REST-informed Development Approach with ADL

DJ Adams




Building applications using Mobile Hybrid Web Containers (HTML5/JS)

Roel van den Berge, Wim Snoep





ABAP Package Concept, Use Cases & Best Practices

Tobias Trapp




(BI/BO) SAP TechEd Takeaway

Sven van Leuken, Peter Combee





Enterprise mobility

Jan Penninkhof



How will BPM save SAP PI?

Or is it the other way around 😉

Twan van den Broek



Introduction to SAP Code Exchange

Demo of 4 sample Code Exchange projects (abap2xlsx, ZGEOCODE, SeleniumABAP and ZAKE/SAPlink)

Rui Nogueira, Gregor Wolf



A surprise session on a “soft topic”

Inspired by one of my recent blogs. If you have a whisky nosing glass, bring it.

Thorsten Franz



Integration Core. Resistance is futile

Martijn Linssen




SAP’s OD platform with focus on Java

Matthias Steiner



NW Portal On-Device

Tamas Szirtes





Rui Nogueira


DemoJam finalists

Wrap up

Twan van den Broek


sitNL speakersclub laughing

More #sitNL fun at:

Thank you all for making the third #sitNL such a great event!

  • Michael Hardenbol and Bernard Smits for operating the webcam
  • Members of the speakers club: Roel van den Berge, Wim Snoep, Tobias Trapp, Jan Penninkhof, Peter Combee, Sven van Leuken, Matthias Steiner, Rui Nogueira, Fred Verheul, DJ Adams, Martijn Linssen, Tamas Szirtes, Gregor Wolf, Pim de Wit, Thorsten Franz, Joris van de Vis, William van Strien
  • Our DemoJam heroes: Michael Spahn, Wolfgang Schwach, Leo van Hengel, Roel van den Berge, Louis van de Wiele, DJ Adams, Gregor Wolf
  • Friends from SAP Research joining us and demoing at DemoJam
  • Participants from UK, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands
  • Co organizers: Jan Penninkhof, Pim de Wit, Fred Verheul, Tamas Szirtes, Roel van den Berge
  • Moving tables and chairs: Jeroen Elie, Michael Hardenbol, Bernard Smits, Ravi Santani, Louis van de Wiele, Peter Combee
  • And last but not least (please a big hand for, the one and only) Mrs. Penninkhof!!! What an incredible chef we had.

And thank you

for sponsoring our community event!

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  • Hello Twan

    It's great that the replay is available so other community can also experience NL Inside Track Flavored sessions.

    Too bad I couldn't be there in person but I really hope to be able to get SIT BE finally organized in the beginning of 2012 with Martin Gillet.

    I'm looking at the mobility session of Jan now and I do have to say the beginning had a lot of echo so for people who start watching, don't just close it down, my message to the viewers is have a little patience because it's worth watching for sure and the echo is gone after a few minutes.

    Channeling out now because I have to check out the other sessions 🙂

    Kind regards


  • Hello,
    Wonderful Recap.
    I would have to check the links in my personal system,though.Certainly, you all were lucky to have Mrs. Penninkhof with you.
    This is a great recap to be made available to all community members who could not make a live presence, physically or remotely. Kudos!


  • Wow,

    I have yet to see the replays, but this blog post is definitely a wonderful wrap up of this great event. Really love the photo gallery. Thanks a lot, Twan!
    I hope to be able to join again next year, because: what better way to spend your Saturday than an SAP Inside Track? 😉

    Cheers, Fred

  • Loving the wrap-up picture! It was humbling and absolutely great to be with some of the brightest minds of the SDN community and Rui Nogueira! Just kidding, Rui absolutely blew me away with his in-depth knowledge of a variety of frameworks so it's always a pleasure (and a lot of fun) to have him at SitNL (and any event really)!
  • I thought the conetnt was brilliant, everyone is so motivated towards improving technology. I also liked Thorstens speech about personality analysis (big thing in USA, unknown in Europe) some might say I liked it because of the free whisky, but I thought it was good anyway. The SAP conferences in Australia by Eventful Management nalso always have an no-IT speech as well and it is a Good Ting. My wife alos liked helping Mrs P with serving the food to everbody and Mrs P and her husand were kind enoigh to give us a lift to our hotel.