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Time desync of data loading from data source – 0CSM_CASE_ATTR


Time zone difference causes incorrect data loading from data source –   0CSM_CASE_ATTR.


The case extractor 0CSM_CASE_ATTR is being used by many customers successfully with no issues in data extraction. 

In the extractor 0CSM_CASE_ATTR the default time zone is UTC. This is the architectural design where all time fields in the Basis Case Management application are in UTC format. The table SCMG_T_CASE and SCMG_T_CASE_ATTR would have all time fields in UTC format during save/retrieval or any other operation.

In the extractor 0CSM_CASE_ATTR we use the ABAP statement ‘CONVERT DAT’ which converts the timestamp from local time zone to UTC format. No other format would be supported because then it would cause inconsistencies with the database.

Initially in a similar issue reported by another customer we first were exploring the idea of increasing the time range interval in RSA2 transaction in the customer system directly. But then this range has been set from beginning and has worked fine for all the customers till now. So the issue would not be resolved by this action.

Below notes explain about the Time Zone issues ~
198411  – Current data and information about time zones
741734  – Incorrect times due to the time zone settings
481835  – Analyzing the time zone settings
101726  – Incorrect times and time zone setting
15913    – Timezone problems (local vs. global time)

Refer to the below notes which talk about Daylight Saving issues ~
126692  – Daylight saving time rules are incorrect
102088  – Reducing downtime when changing from summer to winter
7417      – Conversion between winter time and daylight saving

Go through each of the notes in detail (most would have manual instructions to be performed and nothing should be skipped as it could result in inconsistencies).

Additionally if after applying all the above notes the issue still persists then the below notes would be useful –
<1> For issues on CRM cases refer to note ~
       1470994  – 0CRM_CASE_ATTR: additional fields
<2> For issues on Basis Case extraction refer to notes ~
       1281000  – retrieval of data from case extractor taking a lot of time
       1159696  – Not able to get the data using case type from case
       996360    – Case Extractor not able to pull more than 1 data package.

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