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T-Shirt Mania at SIT Banglore 2011

This blog is all about T-Shirt Mania at Banglore SIT 2011.

This is almost final that  most of us will be wearing Customized T-Shirt on the SIT 2011 Banglore.

We are near to our  Community day at SIT Banglore 2011 .It caught my attention and i got invloved with it  .The event is for the community by the community  and of the community .So going along with its democratic flavor we thought why not reuse few small Ideas back from college days (Having a common T-Shirt for the event ).   We Suggested Jim  to write a blog SAP Inside Track India 2011 – What should you be wearing? on dress code and he did it promptly . He included  picture’s showcasing variety of T-Shirts from different events . It increased my appetite   to have it/get it  done for SIT Banglore 2011.

Somnath made sure that i am pursuing what i had in mind and ways to achieve it.Dipankar helped me get all the  ID’s to wake up our atendees .

I am excited  to annouce that we have 25 responses till now for self sponsored  T-Shirt’s . The vendor will be sending us a catalog of T-Shirt’s to choose from and i have already asked for  Kumud’s (Knowing her creative skills ) help  to work on the logo  and personalization we can achieve  . We should have it done  by tommorrow . The responses i have till time are from below members  .We will be disclosing the price of T-Shirt once it is finalized,most probably by tommorrow (it will be less than 300 Rs for sure ) . We will also share the catalog with all the attendees and welcome all the suggestion they have ..

Rashimi GS  ,


Asim Mohamad

J Prakash

Venkata Raman

Satish Palanivel

Diganto Goswami

Abhishek Patnaik

Rajesh Sivaprakasam

Sanil Bhandari

Anup Dattaraj

Wasim Raza

Sudhar Nemalapuri (He asked for Cost)

Usham Ronjan

Nithin P

Saket Chourasiya

A.L.V. Ramana

MangalRaj S

Nagaraju B

Anjaneya Bhardwaj

Kumud Singh

MangalRaj G

Srihari Mandapati

Raghvendra Y N

Jansi M Rani

We Would like to thank all attendees (birds of same feather) and Somnath/Dipankar/Jim for there support and Ideas . We will be ordering  5 more T-Shirts above and extra to  this list knowing the late nature of response we always get in Banglore (A bit risky though) . Lets’s keep T-ShirtMania at SIT Banglore 2011 rocking  . 

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