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Setting up an SVN Client to download code from SDN Code Exchange

Setting up an SVN Client to download code from SDN Code Exchange


The code published in SDN Code Exchange can be accessed (read only) with an SDN username/password after accepting the terms and conditions of Code Exchange by using Tortoise SVN Client

Tortoise SVN can be downloaded from:

SVN URL for e-commerce integration sample code:

After installation of Tortoise SVN Client, it appears as an option in the Windows Explorer Fig 1.1

(on right click)

Fig. 1.1

Give the SVN URL in Repo-browser: to connect to this project code repository.

Proxy settings and username password can be maintained in Settings for the Tortoise SVN.


Fig 1.2: Tortoise SVN–> Settings –> Network – for maintaining Proxy Server and SSH Client

Project Structure can be viewed and downloaded from the Repo-browser as follows:


Fig: 1.3 Project Structure in Tortoise SVN


How-To Use Code Exchange:

How-To access Code Repository: Code Exchange How-To: accessing the code repository of a project

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  • I haven't had a chance to try Tortoise SVN Client, but it sounds like exactly what I need.  For those of you that are wondering.   Reminder!!!!  You can start projects on code exchange or join them. The code becomes something you can work on and be proud of.  Me - I have yet to do that...  Someday.