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With a Little Help from My Friends

Last night after a really great SAP Inside Track NL I set together with Tobias Trapp in the hotel bar, telling him what my vision of what a really cool help portal is. (Please also read his post on What is “Smart Documentation”?)

I want to share my ideas with you too. Maybe they can help to improve the SAP Help Portal even more.

So if I had a wish free, I really would like the SAP Help Portal to become a personal documentation. My vision is that I could login to it with my own (SDN-) User and save my own bookmarks. Today I save my most often used documentation in the bookmarks of my browser. But in a customer’s place I cannot always use my own PC. So for me it would be good to have my own favorite documentation links in the portal.

Also it could be helpful, if I could tell the help system, which SAP systems I am working with and it then only shows me the related help information.

Furthermore I would like toadd my own additional information, which relates the documentation to my own business context. E.g. as an ABAPer I would like to add my own sample code or give a cross reference to the SDN.

Also it would be nice to share this information to other users.

And a really good functionality would be if I could make my own notes in the F1-Help of a data field and/or enrich it with the company’s information’s from the business context.

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  • Thanks for sharing your ideas. Personalisation is really useful and the business case is obvious.

    Adding comments is a really cool idea - I would prefer different kinds of comments: private comments, public comments and feedback messages for documentation writers.

    Links to SDN make sense but only certain topic pages and approved whitepaper are stable (and so the links won't break). Is it your opinion, too?

    The idea of modifiying F1 text is cool. Can you specify the use case? I think that SAP standard texts (of reports for example) are still available but you can replace it by your own texts. Is it what you have in mind?


    • Hi Tobias,

      Links to SDN make sense but only... > Yes I agree with you. E.g. it could be a link to a wiki, where the community has provided additional information/documentation.

      I also found out, that even today as a customer you can add additional text to a F1 helptext. You call the transaction, call F1 on a field and press F7. That's it!

      Have fun,