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Queries in a Workbook/ Workbooks on top of a Query

I was going through the SDN forums and Blogs and saw many people posting on how to find the queries in a workbook or in how many workbooks a query is being used.  Immediate answer that would strike your mind is finding them using Tables? Function modules?

Well, it’s easy as long as you remember either the table names or Function modules. If not? It’s still easy.

My simple solution, where you need not remember all these tables to find the workbooks/queries, is using Metadata Repository.

Let’s discuss this using below two scenarios

1. Finding the Queries involved in a Workbook

In the Data Warehousing Workbench select Metadata Repository tab


I know what your eyes noticed, workbook on the right side of the screen, exactly.

Click on the workbook which displays the list of workbooks in the system.


Select the workbook for which you want to know the queries behind. It displays all the queries used in the workbook.


2. Workbooks out of a Query

This time select query instead of workbook, which displays list of queries in the system.


Selecting the query displays all the objects in the query and workbooks this particular query is being involved.




Now, want to show you another magic!!

Click on the Network display of the data flow option under Graphical display, just below the query.





You might have noticed, it also lists the roles of a query or workbook. Roles are displayed in normal display as well at the end of the screen.

Now do you still think finding queries/workbooks is a difficult task?? I hope not…

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