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Mentors beyond SAP

One (+out of three so far+) of my previous blogs ended with a note saying ‘Why do we need mentors beyond SAP’?    I am wondering even if people have answers none were poured out in the comments of the blog.    [An evening with SAP Mentors/Director | An evening with SAP Mentors/Director]    I have a real time answer to this question. I attended design thinking workshop at tech-ed Bangalore, 2011.  Networked with few mentors.   (+At least saw them beyond twitpics and SCN business card+). I blogged about the event. Received some encouraging feedback and hence this new blog. (+Does not mean I would get demotivated if you criticize my view+)    I luckily read the blog about SIT India by Dipankar Saha. [SAP Inside Track India 2011 – Here we go! | SAP Inside Track India 2011 – Here we go!] [ | SAP Inside Track India 2011 – Here we go!]I asked mentor Jim Spath offline about few queries that I had. Conversation moved from SCN to Twitter. As expected he promptly replied them. The same can be seen in the blog.  *First tweet by Jim Spath marking the organizer @buddydip* image   +Oh No! He just made my not so well expressed intention of attending SIT, explicitly out!+     His answers certainly convinced me and then drew many more participants reading that blog. I made sure people in my surrounding (+organization+ Facebook+) don’t miss the opportunity because of unawareness. (+Not all were lucky to read the blog as me in first instance+ +and then don’t forget I am following Design Thinking and I am not the only one following it)+   + +I silently updated my name in the Wiki without writing that as comment in the blog, but then this tweet proved me wrong (+I don’t know what triggered this lovely acknowledging tweet by @buddydip+)  image   To which I replied   image   + I just ended with the last sentence hoping he would not give any thought to it and I was thinking more in terms of any distant management support than anything else owing to the fact that he would in Kolkata.+    The below tweet I saw the next day early morning and could not sleep after that.image   I reconfirmed with @buddydip assuming there was no late night (sleepy) influence while tweeting that question and below is the reply! image   The captain added fuel with this tweetimage   +They just threw a naïve soldier in the battleground unarmed!+    +Does the soldier has any choice now! Even if I go by my mythological books it’s suggested, a warrior cannot run away from the battleground even if he has to fight against his own relatives.+ What followed after that is a twitter story written in twitter way:  image    +(Mentors are strict — good that I don’t directly work under them!)+      Gone. Now what are the topic options I have? I can’t bore people with *my +fundas+* (concepts) [this is not a generic statement, My fundas in bold], I know they can find themselves. And about my work perspective, ok, there is always a next time! Immediately the thought that came to my mind was “Making people aware of being active on SCN”. I still see people who are far more, and better experienced than me but are not using/contributing to the site as they are not moving beyond forums. I even heard someone say ‘I use forums when I am badly stuck, to see if that issue has been faced and resolved. If I get, fine else I post the question’+. Motivational “Power of Pull” by Mentors below: (*+bottom to top+*).    (+Twitter stream started with me posting a twitpic with @singhkumud printed at back after making sure it’s not a copyright+!  +And tweeting that I would be taking a session at SIT. Check my twitpic+)image    So finally I am presenting a session (luckily 40 mins.) at SIT Bangalore this year. In one of the Design thinking blog of @thorstenster, he has emphasized that there are many instances which highlight that they are there because of Mentors and my blog boldly re-iterates that!    Now what, and how well I engage people depends on me. Not to mention, I am getting all required guidance/moral support from the mentors (Somnath would be joining from Bangalore) there as well!   Link for session: {code:html}{code}   And don’t forget, expectations have been clearly outlined:  image   I love ending my blog with moderators. So below is the pull from one of them:  image
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  • Kumud:

      Once again, an awesome blog post, great story line and fascinating images (that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm in some of them).

      You asked:

    > Why do we need mentors beyond SAP?
    I'll ask it another way: "Do you have a guru? Are you a guru?"

      And wondered:

    > I don't know what triggered this lovely acknowledging tweet
    Email notification. Hee hee hee.

      After your post was finalized, you jokingly (I think) tweeted you were glad that Abesh approved this post, implying you wished to avoid my critique.  What you missed in this conclusion was that pre-publication commentary is only seen by moderators (pointy horns or not), while post-publication commentary on the blog is seen by the world. I have nothing harsh to say, and I'd expect that with another post of this quality, you'll be promoted from Junior Blogger to Expert immediately (which reminds me of a story for another time).

      However, I can't miss the opportunity to make one or two helpful suggestions.  First, your posting tweets as images is "one way to do it" (as the Perl programmers might say).  While these are perfectly legible, that format precludes searches from processing the text, and human readers from copying and pasting those insidious short URLs. I'd suggest grabbing the URL of each tweet and linking that to the image.  Other ways of quoting tweets might be to post the person's image from twitter (carefully, as sites that block it could be a problem), and paste the text as is.  I've used other methods, which you may eventually stumble across in my back catalog.

      Minor quibbles I'd have would include the blog title (I think Marilyn once said "nobody has blog titles like Jim Spath", so I'm special that way); it could be more definitive about your subject matter. And, your use of italics is (how can I say this nicely?) uneven.  Use i sparingly.

      I always look for a "voice" in the blogs I read, and you certainly accomplish the challenge of sharing your inner monologue with readers.  Though I have met you in person and know your true voice, I expect others to "see" your personality and outlook without any trouble.  Keep it up!

      (and no, I don't follow everyone that someone else follows. I have my own filters)


    • Hello Jim,
      As always, You caught the point.
      Tweet - Certainly, I would see your back catalog + suggestions and would make it better. In fact, I would like to tell you that when putting the tweet images , I myself was thinking if there was a better way.
      Titles - Would probably find many alternatives and then chose the most appropriate.
      Your first question and certainly the hardest one:
      Me being a Guru: I certainly have guided and guide people as and when required both inside and outside workplace. But that does not make me a Guru.I have to gain many more attributes to be there.
      Me having a Guru:This is pretty wide and probably we can discuss this sometime later but certainly I seem to have a mentor now.This can be taken up along with the story that you have to say for later. (mentioned in the comment above)
      Thank You Jim.


  • Hello Kumud

    You got it! This is great. By looking at what you have been blogging and doing I can see you stepped up and became more active and you get it.

    I know how valuable it is to be an active community member and how much fun it is to meet and collaborate with SAP Mentors.

    SAP Mentors are indeed also Mentors beyond SAP and that's great. They have so many wonderful stories and they truly inspire other people and they pay it forward.

    Whatever comes along the path, keep going and believe in yourself, you are doing well and you can make a change.

    One last thing: It's not because there aren't heaps of comments on a blog that you post that people don't read it so don't be discouraged by it. I did actually read your blog post "An evening with SAP Mentors/Director".

    Kind regards


    • Hello Tom,
      Thanks for such a lovely comment. The way now I know you (with your blogs) makes you an inspiration in itself. I don't know if you understand , how good it feels when I see community members being so caring and sensitive.
      Thanks for the suggestion both here and on twitter.


  • Hi Kumud,

    whoever is saying "a warrior cannot run away from the battleground even if he has to fight against his own relatives." deserves an applause.
    and all the best in your upcoming battles and obstacles to be overcome in shattering glass ceiliings, the least of which would be technology.



    • Hi Greg,

      How happily surprised I am, first to get a comment from you and then such a great comment. Thanks much.
      Just for your information,(in case you don't know)I have quoted the saying from a book calle 'Bhagavad Gita'.Its a great book for spiritual enlightenment.I have read the shortest version of it 🙂


    • Hello Vinod,

      Thanks for the comment. Certainly its great to see the support not only from SAP mentors but from many many others.


  • Hi Kumud,
    You have set an example for many others in SAP community to come forward and share your insight and learning when the community needs. Wish you all the very best for your session in SIT Bangalore and hope see more from you in future.


    • Yes, I agree with Dipankar. I can just see the energy flowing around the way SIT India 2011 moving ahead. Tweets flowing around from morning 6 AM to 2 AM (IST). Hats off people involved.
      All the best.

      @ kumud: Keep the good work going.

      • Hello Jyoti,

        Another reason to thank SIT and community.
        I would not have known your cheerful , helping and encouraging attitude unless I saw your name in the attendee list and talked thereby.
        Thanks for the support.


    • Hi Dipankar,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      Before the event gets over and I miss the chance, I would like to thank you much for the opportunity given.Not to mention, the hard work behind the scenes is clearly explicit now with the agenda we have for SIT tomorrow.


  • YES!  Fist in the air!  You are going for it, and speaking.  Do you know the small number of people that would even offer to speak at a SIT?  It's a hard thing to do.  But I have no doubt you'll do it well.  Just reading that comment makes me wish I could be there, as I have "talked" with you many times via blogs.  I will get to see the Webcast.

    Twitter - twitter is a demon for me!  I still do not tweet very much.  I could say it was because work doesn't let me, but...  I could do it after hours.

    Nice blog as usual - I love the way the tweets are there, with your comments in between!  They had me smiling this morning.


    Your topic is perfect!  I love SCN.  BUT you need to advertise it a little more.  And so I looked up Funda even though you gave us a definition.
    basics or fundamentals, considered as a unit

    I would love to hear how these fit into the life of a regular old developer - like myself.

    • Michelle,

      Twitter -- please excuse me but I am a culprit that ways. There was a tweet from Mico Yuk that which is one person whom I would like to see active on twitter? Reply , you know and along with the name I added, I want her as active as on SCN. There are hardly any blogs which does not have your inspiring comments. This is an amazing act which promotes beginners that they are acknowledged with feedback.

      Best and sweet Regards,

    • Michelle,

      Twitter -- please excuse me but I am a culprit that ways. There was a tweet from Mico Yuk that which is one person whom I would like to see active on twitter? Reply , you know and along with the name I added, I want her as active as on SCN. There are hardly any blogs which does not have your inspiring comments. This is an amazing act which promotes beginners that they are acknowledged with feedback.

      Best and sweet Regards,

    • Hello Michelle,

      SIT India done. It was an awesome, fun, enjoyable,Knowledgeable ,brimming with energy , optimism , crazy day. Believe me it was much better than anyone could have expected it to be.
      I was ok while presenting my session.It triggered lot of interaction among participants and good questions being raised. Best part was questions were answered by the participants themselves with Somnath and Ram sharing their insights as well. I was happy. I also received a book on Web Dynpro from SAP Press. yay!!!

      BTW , 3P funda is revealed. Do you know now what does 3P stand for?


      • WOW!  I love to hear that.  I am sure someone will or has written a blog about it.  I am just now catching up on the weekends and Friday's blogs.  ABAP Web Dynpro is amazing.  I love that you have the book from SAP Press.  I think it is one of those that I have read most of just by using it as a place to look up answers to my questions.Michelle

  • Kumud:

    Great, enthusiastic post! I am not sure what your secret might be, but you have received comments. Woo hoo! Too many blogs here on SCN are read but uncommented especially during the past six months. One of the great things about SCN has been the give-and-take with commenters. I recall a few blogs were the comment section had more great stuff than the original blog.