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An Information Management Thanksgiving

Thanks again to Nitin Joshi for writing some great guest blogs on the strategic questions for information governance.

I thought I’d close out the US holiday week (Thanksgiving) with a few things that information management wonks can be thankful for:

  • Enterprise information management continues to get top 10 billing on technology lists. (Here’s the Gartner Predicts report and a Deloitte report.)
  • Big Data raises the stakes for thoughtful movement, manipulation, governance, and consumption of information. With Big Data, you just need to do these things faster and at higher volume. So be thankful for all of the Big Data press and use it to push your information management agenda.
  • EIM 4.0, BI 4.0, and MDG releases. These releases make the task of information governance much easier, through the addition of Information Steward, easy-to-configure workflow (MDG), and metrics/dashboards throughout.
  • Business and IT are collaborating like never before. Many times customers tell me “I’m not Business or IT—I’m both.” I love that. Business and IT should be hip-to-hip on the information management front lines.
  • Analysts and market watchers are doing more surveys on information governance, which should help you benchmark your own efforts. There’s the Data Governance Institute survey, BeyeNetwork survey, the Information Difference survey, and the new SAP survey. Look for a post soon on the SAP survey…the link is still coming.
  • Rich Murnane (@murnane) even has a Data Geek cartoon that always makes me laugh. Check it out! (Here’s also Rich’s collection of Dilbert cartoons on information:
  • More and more, companies are creating specific career paths for information management experts. New entries like Data Scientist, Data Steward, Director of Global Data Management all signify increased attention and resourcing to the information management challenges.
  • I’m pretty sure none of you are bored at work. It’s amazing the number of ways that information can get messed up and passed around, which always brings us a new challenge. And usually on a tight timeframe. (How does tomorrow sound? J)
  • The information management community is becoming more and more active. People are sharing what they have learned like never before—and providing feedback to SAP on their requirements. You have avenues like the ASUG EIM Influence Council, Customer Advisory Boards, Idea Place, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, blogs, and conference presentations (ASUG, SAPPHIRE, and TechEd for starters).

Sounds like a pretty good year to me!

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    • Hi David,
      [copying my reply also here, in case you haven't seen my other reply How to Add Fields to the Change Request UI (MDG EhP6).]

      MDG was designed for governing master data and not as a general purpose service desk solution. Besides it may be possible - depending on your requirements - to support this with MDG, I can hardly believe it is the solution you are looking for. However, what we have in place is an integration of MDG with our solution for Financial Shared Service Centers (FSSC) to support the change process of master data triggered by a service ticket from FSSC.