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When should you use the records select option.

From time to time I talk with customers who are looking for a way to work with just a few of the records in their file.  For example they have a large file and only want to mail a small sub set of the data.  Or they want to mail out the file in groups of records that will drop at the post office over the course of a few weeks not all on the same day.  Sometimes they need to go this because the mail room can only handle so many pieces a day, sometimes it is because the customer wants to manage the response and does not want to be flooded by calls all in one day.  The software can do this with the records select by criteria option.  With this option you can build a set of criteria to select out just the records you need or want to work with.  Although there are many different options in this screen I will just give a simple example here. 

First pick the field or fields you want to work with.  Then pick the match operator to use :starts with, contains, excludes, shorter than, longer than or one of the many other match options.  Enter your value and insert condition.  If you want that is all you need to do, or you can use multiple fields and statements to get just the records you need.  Between each group make sure you use an operator like and, or.  Then if you want you can save this for future use, or just hit ok to select your records.  Keep in mind that your records will only remain selected until you close the software.

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